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Jupiter Entering Aquarius: Are You Ready To Step Into The Light?

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by Conscious Reminder

After being in restrictive Capricorn, Jupiter is shifting into the air sign of Aquarius on 20th December 2020.

The planet is known to spend around 12 months in every zodiac, and the placement shows us what we can expect from the coming year. While being in Capricorn dulled Jupiter’s shine, it will now be back in a better form in an expansive air sign.

Jupiter’s Expansion

The planet of expansion and abundance helps us see things with clarity. It guides us towards the bigger picture and expands our minds to receive new information from higher sources. The optimistic energy of Jupiter helps us find the silver lining in every bad situation.

Jupiter In Aquarius: Key Dates For 2020

For the next year, Jupiter will be in Aquarius, and there are certain dates when we will feel the energy of the planet most intensely.

  • Jupiter moves into Aquarius: 20th December 2020
  • Jupiter enters Pisces: 15th May 2021
  • Retrograde Jupiter in Pisces: 21st June 2021
  • Retrograde Jupiter re-enters Aquarius: 29th July 2021
  • Jupiter Direct in Aquarius: 19th October 2021
  • Jupiter leaves Aquarius for Pisces: 31st December 2020

On these particular days, try to tune into the energies being sent. Jupiter will be drawing our attention to something important. Jupiter in Aquarius will make us more aware and give us a new perspective. A broader perspective will help us see things in a new light, and we will be able to make necessary changes too.

If you have been feeling stuck or stagnant lately, trust Jupiter to get you out of it. The planet of expansion will help us soar above all our worries and look at the situations from a bird’s eye view. With this new perspective, moving on gets much easier.

With the innovative energy of Aquarius, much of 2021 will be spent on finding new and exciting ways of doing old chores. The old traditions are not enough in the New Era, and we have to change with the times. Aquarius and Jupiter are combining their powers to help us through these turbulent times.

For The Collective

The shift of Jupiter from a restricted-energy to the open-minded energy of Aquarius will be reflected on the global scale too. The most exciting part is that Jupiter is not the only planet under Aquarius now.

Saturn will be joining the planet of abundance and expansion and spend most of 2021 together. Together these two planets will be further highlighting the themes of Aquarius.

Most astrologers believe the Age of Aquarius will start soon, but there is no definite date everyone agrees upon. Nevertheless, with two such potent planets under the active sign, we will be getting a front-row view of what the Age of Aquarius looks like!

Technological advancements, new innovations, more emphasis on humanitarian efforts, and community life will be our focus in the coming months.

Aquarius thinks about the collective and what’s good for it. Its energy helps us understand the best ways for society to grow and thrive. It shifts our focus from individualistic and materialistic needs to the needs of the collective.

With the two planets in this sign, the norms and rules of society are about to change drastically. It will change how we live our daily lives and what we value the most. We will be moving away from old traditions and embracing more equal and fairer ways to deal with situations.

One thing we ought to be careful about is not to be stuck in a group mentality. When we focus too much on the collective, we might lose the sense of the individual. Retaining this particular sense of individualism is just as important in the coming months.

2021 will be a year of push and pull where we will often feel stuck between the old and the new, the individual and the collective. The only way forward is to balance the energies and let the planet of expansion be our guide.

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