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New Moon Total Solar Eclipse To Darken The Sun Today: Expect Powerful Surge Of Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

The last New Moon of 2020 rising in the sign of Sagittarius will be accompanied by a total Solar Eclipse on the 14th.

With Mercury heavily influencing this event, our focus will be on thoughts and communication. Mars, too, will have a positive influence on this Eclipse. With the Mars energy, we can set new goals and boldly take steps.

The Sun conjunct Moon of this potent Eclipse brings all sorts of possibilities for us. As we look forward, with an open mind, anything is possible now! But make sure you drop your old patterns to truly welcome the new.

Apart from Mars and Mercury’s positive influence, this Eclipse will draw some negativity from Neptune. Issues related to deceptions and infections can crop up. But thankfully, Neptune’s impact will not be as strong as that of Mars, so things might not go downhill completely!

Aspects Of The Solar Eclipse

Mercury-Eclipse Conjunction

Mercury’s conjunction with the Eclipse shifts our focus to thoughts, communication, and travel. With greater curiosity and adaptability, you might find yourself reaching out to siblings, neighbors, and others in your social circle. Share your ideas, make new plans, and meet new people now!

Mars-Eclipse Conjunction

The Mars trine this season is going to give you a great boost of self-confidence. This is the best time to use this energy and start a new project. Tackle all the challenging tasks first, and you’ll be ahead of the curve. If you want to impress a senior at work or someone in your personal life, use Mars’ charisma.

Mars-Mercury Conjunction

Not just the Eclipse, Mars is forming a harmonious trine with Mercury as well. This means increased mental energy, decisiveness, and a sense of adventure. With our communication skills on a high, use this time to grab on some great deals while you negotiate. Use this energy to put your whackiest ideas out in the open. You never know who might just love them!

Neptune Square With The Eclipse And Mercury 

Neptune is squaring both the Eclipse and Mercury. This can make us feel lazy, insecure, confused, and gullible. With Mercury being affected, you might find your thoughts straying astray. There are chances of misinterpretation despite your best efforts. So try to avoid conspiracies and don’t express extreme religious or spiritual views.


The year is going to end on a high note with the stars boosting us up. We are eager for new beginnings as we let go of old patterns that restrict us. Use this bold energy to start those pending projects. Tread lightly on controversial topics to steer clear of Neptune. The fixed stars related to this Eclipse can bring misfortunes, but they are also sending insights that can protect you.

With the pandemic still raging in many countries, it is best to stay cautious. Neptune can increase the risks of infection too. And since the economy is quite poor as well, people are out there trying to cheat and deceit others whenever possible. Try your best to stay sharp and alert. Be assertive in your ways and keep pushing forward.

The Lunar Eclipse on 30th November will be joining forces with this New Moon Solar Eclipse. The potent energy will be with us during the Eclipse phase that continues till 26th May 2021.

New Moon Time And Date

  • Los Angeles – 8:16 am – December 14
  • New York – 11:16 am – December 14
  • London – 4:16 pm – December 14
  • Delhi – 9:46 pm – December 14
  • Sydney – 3:16 am – December 14

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