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Saturn Will Be In Aquarius During The Next 3 Years: How Will It Guide Us?

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by Conscious Reminder

After a three-year-long stint in Capricorn, Saturn started its journey in the airy Aquarius on 17th December 2020. Till March 2023, Saturn will be with the water-bearer.

While Saturn spent the better part of the last three years in Capricorn, March 2020 saw it venturing into Aquarius for three months. The themes reflected during this time will be our focus for the coming years. But those same incidents might be repeated with a higher purpose now.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma, who looks over responsibilities, rules, and regulations. Karma is not always about punishments, and neither is its strict teacher. Saturn helps our soul evolve and ascend so that we can reach our higher self. The hardships we overcome under Saturn’s watchful eye are what our soul truly needs.

Aquarius is an air sign who focuses on the collective. Its job is to collect the emotional burden of the collective consciousness and transform it into power. This power of air then returns back to the earth. Working with humanitarian issues, Aquarius tries to heal us. The revolutionary energy of Aquarius will take us further into the digital age.

What To Expect From Saturn In Aquarius?

As Saturn travels in the sign of Aquarius, our focus will be sharply on community life, humanitarian efforts, and technological advancements. New innovations in high-tech artificial intelligence might be coming up!

Aquarius energy is great for unlocking the healer within us. It helps us become more accepting of non-conformists. This energy will demand equality and a better representation of marginalized groups.

On a personal level, this is a period of challenging our identity and change our perspectives. Why do we do what we do? What is the motivation for our actions? Questions like these will pop up often.

Just as questions start rising in our conscience, we will also get more opportunities to express ourselves freely. We will be willing to test our boundaries and go for new experiences. This will be a time of moving on from past patterns and embracing new innovations.

The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was between 1991 and 1994. You can reflect on the themes noticed during this time to know what you can expect this time.

Jupiter Also Shifts Into Aquarius

Most of 2021 will have both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. The two planets are set for the Great Conjunction on 21st December, which will usher in a new age. After that, they won’t be meeting, yet the dual impact will be strongly felt by all.

These two gateway planets form a bridge between the multiples states of our consciousness. If we can navigate the lessons they will teach us, we will be able to access higher levels of consciousness. Let Saturn work on your Karma while Jupiter sends you energy to expand!

March 2023

All the karmic lessons doled out to us for this period will come to an end on 7th March 2023. Saturn will move in the water sign of Pisces. But before Saturn leaves, it will send some rewards our way for all the hardships we will have overcome. The lessons coming our way in the next few years might not be easy to decipher right away. Once Saturn is out of Aquarius, we will understand how far we have come and how much our soul has grown through it all.

Saturn Return

Those of us who are turning 29, 58, or 87 between March 2020 and March 2023 are going to experience their first, second, or third Saturn return, respectively.

A Saturn return quite literally means the planet will return to the exact position it was at the time of your birth. This mostly happens every 29-30 years. The impact will be felt for 2-3 years.

Saturn returns are known to make everyone more mature as they level up in life. Big changes take place that shape us for the coming years. These changes then determine who we are and what our priorities are in life.

We become more responsible and mature with each return and get a step closer to our true desires.

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