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Aquarius Season Through Dates: The Water Bearer Is Heralding A Turbulent Month

by consciousreminder
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By Conscious Reminder

The Sun is moving into the sign of Aquarius on the 20th of January, and we can expect a rush of inspiration, a shift in our perspectives, and energy that will push us towards awakening.

Expect some chaotic energy before you can figure out what changes are truly taking place. The water bearer of Aquarius is the representation of our ability to increase the collective consciousness vibrations.

Our breath plays an important role here since it keeps us grounded in the present moment. When you focus on your breath, it is easier to deal with the chaos outside.

This community-drive zodiac will shift our focus to humanitarian efforts. We will be looking for innovative ways to build a sense of community as we still struggle through the pandemic. Aquarius reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles, but together we can step into a higher power.

These are the most important dates for Aquarius season 2021.

20th January: Mars-Uranus Conjunction

Just when Aquarius season 2021 begins, Mars and Uranus will be locked in conjunction. The hostile energy from this can be triggering for many. While their energies will make us more confident and innovative, it can also cause unnecessary turbulence. Use the energy to try new things and think of unique ideas.

22nd January: Mars-Jupiter Square

The turbulence caused by the conjunction will be highlighted further by Jupiter. But the Mars-Jupiter duo will help us overcome our fears, and those stuck in a rut will find a way out during this time.

28th January: Sun-Jupiter Conjunction + Leo Full Moon

With so much planetary activity around this Full Moon, you will feel the erratic energy when the Moon rises as well. With this combination of conjunction energy and Full Moon energy, things that have been escalating for some time now might reach closure. With the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in place, our minds will open to new opportunities. We will be looking at the bigger picture and finding new details to work with.

30th January: Mercury Turns Retrograde

Mercury will turn Retrograde for the first time this year as the first month comes to an end. Themes from the November 2020 Retrograde might make a comeback as we deal with new delays.

2nd February: 22 Numerology

The 22 vibrations of the second day of the second month will combine with the energy of number 5 this year. 22 being a master number focuses on growth, support, and resilience to follow our dreams. The energy of 22 can be harnessed to bring our soul gifts to this planet. Combined, the energy of number 9 (5+2+2) will bring closure to us this year. We are being asked to leave the past behind as we head towards our soul journey.

6th February: Venus-Uranus Square

When the love god is stuck with the chaotic Uranus in a Square with Mercury in Retrograde as well, expect old flames to resurface, stirring those past wounds. Use this energy to reach closure on a deeper level.

8th February: Sun-Mercury Conjunction

While the planet of communications is in Retrograde, it will conjunct with the Sun. During this time, pay attention to any kind of new information and divine messages headed your way. It is always a good idea to slow down while Mercury is in Retrograde. So if you experience delays, mental fogginess, and miscommunications, make sure you don’t rush into any major decisions. Take your time.

11th February: Aquarius New Moon

Just when the New Moon rises in Aquarius, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn too will be aligning with the Aquarian energy. The Age of Aquarius will be felt prominently in February with so much activity in this sign. If you receive any unsettling news under this New Moon, remember to look at it from different perspectives.

This is also the day of the Chinese New Year. 2021 will be the Year of the Ox. Steady hard work and authentic progress will be the themes of the year that will nourish us in new ways.

17th February: Saturn-Uranus Square

One of the most important events of the year is this Square. This rare alignment brings about changes in governance. The combative energy can give rise to unrest that will lead to some necessary changes. As the energy shakes things up, the weak will crumble and make space for only the strong.

Aquarius is the star of 2021, and this Aquarius will be very interesting. With many conflicting energies and a Retrograde, there is much to look out for. But remember that once the dust settles, we will be much wiser and evolved.

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