Your Aquarius Season Horoscope Is Here And Here’s What To Expect

By Conscious Reminder

As the Sun shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius, expect new friendships and being the cheerleader for others.

While you work to help others and more friends to your list, this fixed sign’s stubborn energy will also affect you. Choose your battles carefully.

Group activities will be our focus as the Sun and multiple planets prepare to spend their time under Aquarius now. Here’s how the zodiacs will fare this Aquarius Season 2021.


You will be focused on building your ideal friends circle now. You want people who are supportive, and those who can’t be there for you will not have a place in your life anymore. Remember, for every friend out of the group, Aquarius will add someone new!


Aquarius season 2021 is asking you to move out of your comfort zone and take up exciting projects. Find ways to work with a new team. The harder you work this season, the better benefits you will reap. It could be a bonus or a well-deserved promotion too!


Aquarius will be activating your ninth house of higher learning, exploration, and growth. Each moment is a learning moment, and now is your time to shine. Make the most of your every experience.


Being an emotional sign, Aquarius season is usually not your best time. With Aquarius energy in your eighth house of intimacy, get ready to know your SO on an unseen intellectual level. Make time to share some secrets, read their thoughts, and just get to know each other. Be careful when it comes to debt and finances: a surprise bill can become a burden.


With Aquarius season 2021 activating your relationships, this is your personal cuffing season! If you are getting close to someone, this is the time to define where you are headed. The next few weeks are going to be great for your love life. Enjoy!


You had your share of fun during Capricorn season, but now you are ready to dive into work. Your focus will be mostly on your daily routine and responsibilities. Use this time to set more practical and healthier goals, which will be driven by productive habits.


Aquarius season is here to fulfill your love and sexual desires. You are in for a fun ride. Let go of your worries from last month and enjoy each moment now with Aquarius. Even casual flings will be more fun than usual this month.


Aquarius is quite the social extrovert, but this year it is making you rather introverted. Take this month to pause your routine and relax. Spend time with your family and loved ones. Catch up with that long-overdue call. Just relax till Pisces season sets in.


Aquarius season 2021 is bringing you new connections from every side. Get ready for a super busy yet fun month ahead. As the circle grows, make sure you don’t lose touch with your old buddies.


Birthday season is over, and you are ready to get back to the usual rhythm. But this is not yet the time to start any new projects. You can use this time to tie up loose ends of previous projects. As you draw the final lines, expect some surprise bonus coming your way.


You’re known for helping others selflessly, but don’t feel bad if you focus some of your energy on yourself now. Think of your relationships, career goals, and other things that interest you. Find what you want to pursue, and start making your fool-proof plan now!


You will be spending a lot of alone time this month as you deal with closures. Past projects and themes will resurface for you to take a final glance. You might not like dealing with these issues or people, but you have to get it done now. Clear your slate now so that your birthday season brings new possibilities for you!

Aquarius season 2021 is going to be quite fun and productive for everyone. Harness the sense of community Aquarius preaches and work with those around you. They will help you find that new perspective in life.

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