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Virgo Full Moon On February 27th: Get In Touch With Your Higher Self

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon has arrived. This time it follows all the cosmic alignments as well as rare intensities that were brought in February 2021.

Virgo is our virgin goddess. The Full Moon is the sign of its presence. Hence, it peaks on the 27th of February. And ends up as a beautiful way to wrap the month up.

2021 is definitely about to be an incredibly transformative year. We still have a lot more to learn and unfold. But the arrival of the Full Moon reminds us that our appearance is at the right time in the right place.

Recently, we must be feeling a little ambivalent about things. Perhaps feeling two-ways about something or many things.

We also may have had our minds assessing a lot or asking more questions about life. It often must’ve gone into overdrive or even thinking about the past. Hence, constantly living in both realms.

What The February Full Moon Tries To Remind Us?

There lingers a calm under all these radiant powers of the Full Moon of Virgo. This calm manages to remind all of us about several things in our lives. Such as wherever we stand today is in the power of us. And always has been.

The Full Moon in February is here to remind us of this— never to lose hope. To always have faith. And to realize that any sort of change, in whatsoever form, will lead us to different places. Places even we fail to imagine or dream for ourselves to reach.

But How To Carry Out The Best Of These Changes?

There may be several questions regarding this transformation. Like how to recognize the best in these shifts? Have they come our way? How to absorb the energies of our lives? And how to find peace within this energy realm?

It can be tough to feel peaceful with all the changes against the current state of everything that is going on. But efforts need to be undertaken. The tiniest of acceptance can lead a long way. The smallest of acceptance can help us make a massive difference. And that is the key.

Full Moons reflect illuminations in life. But the energies that surround it make it look like whatever has to come may come before the Full Moon itself.

What Comes Before The Full Moon?

Before the arrival of the Full Moon, things can take a turn. Some information may shake you. It may make you question things around you. It may shock you. Or even make you emotional. But at its peak, things seem to settle down. Full Moons make us highly emotional.

But the one in February is warmer, milder. The energy is soft. It makes us look at things differently. Whatever information or secrets reveal itself seems to take a new perspective.

This is the power of the Full Moon. The virginess of the Virgo has a newer meaning since its inception. It now means inner-strength, independence, or even the freedom of self-decisiveness.

The Gift Of February Full Moon

Virgo has the ability to listen to their bodies, connect with higher selves, and follow their hearts. This also helps us stay grounded. And this is its greatest gift.

But unlike other things that disconnect us from our higher selves, Virgo’s Virgin Goddess clears the oath. It reminds us of our ability to disband these blockages. To do that, we need to think about those blockages and concentrate. It could just be a choice.

The rays of this Full Moon will help cleanse you and eradicate these blockages. It will help you return to your heart. Connecting to our higher selves allows us to reach the inner divinity as well.

Hence, reach your higher self. Remind yourself of your powers. And consume the rays of this Full Moon.

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