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Extra Powerful Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse: Culmination Of Life Lessons

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by Conscious Reminder

The Super Blood Moon is going to take place in Leo on January 20th-21st. A Super Moon takes place when the Moon comes closest to the Earth, while the Blood Moon takes place when there is a total Lunar Eclipse.

When the Moon is closest to the Earth, it naturally means that the energies from the Moon will be very strong. Plus, when you combine it with the most powerful form of Eclipse – the Total Lunar Eclipse, it will bring a complete transformation of your mind and soul from within. The combination is going to change who you are.

Transforming Yourself

The energies of the Eclipse had started back in February 2017, and had continued to work upon us till now. This eclipse is the final one, until the next one coming in 2021. All the movements that were once started back in 2017 will now come to its culmination. The Eclipse will make us undergo a rebirthing period.

This is the time that we rise up from the ruins of our past, heal our past wounds and become capable of expressing ourselves in the world. It is bringing a complete transformation within us – and this might occur in our creative selves, or it might be in the way of release.

Getting The Necessary Closure

Such a huge transformation has its tiring consequences. The energy is random and changeable. When you are infused by random patterns, you are going to feel really lost. It will tire you and bring a bit of chaos in your connection with the universe. While you might feel lost at this moment, it is best if you try to recall your life back in February 2017.

Since the Eclipse brings a culmination of all the events that had started in that time, there might be a repetition of the feeling and emotions that you had experienced then. It is the time when you might be finally getting closure on many of the issues that had begun then.

Yes, life may not be as easy as it sounds and re-living through the events of the past is not something we want. But open yourself up to the cosmos, accept the energy, and let it guide you. In due course, you might be able to reach the angelic heights that this Eclipse wants to bring you to. Don’t stunt your spiritual growth by rejecting change.

The Themes Of The Eclipse

This Eclipse brings many themes with it. The Leo Blood Moon was seen as a terrible sign in the past as it indicated the end of the reign of a King. Changing hands in governmental or organization sectors would be a new transformation that we might encounter. Because of the volatility of the energy, make sure that you do not let things go out of hand.

You might say something when you are angry which might sour your relationships. Leo is proud and so when the Eclipse is happening in Leo, there will be a rise in Ego. Do not let it show when you are engaged in any argument. You do not have to prove yourself anywhere.

Rather, let your creativity flow within you. The erratic energy of the Eclipse could only be countered if you are capable enough to channel it into your creative side. Eclipses are meant to bring fate back to our lives. It tries to bring us back to the path of our destiny if we stray from it.

So, you just have to sit back and let the universe guide you through that path. You might feel a bit of resistance and that is what makes Eclipses so challenging. Allow it to be infused within you and stay open to it. Only then can you properly understand what it unfolds.

Best of Luck!

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