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Astral Projection Techniques That Allow You To Travel Across Realms

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by Conscious Reminder

This ongoing pandemic year has kept everyone quarantined and locked inside their home. So now the desire to travel and explore new sights and places seems very enticing.

In many ways, the primeval esoteric can help in fulfilling these desires by performing astral projection that allows people to travel by staying indoors. This is possible because the ‘astral bodies’ are enabled to transcend physical bodies.

This helps us in exploring various kinds of realms through the psychic sense that is present within each of us and needs special techniques to tap into this inherent power.

Astral projection is an ‘outer body experience’ that is intentional and transports our consciousness across several dimensions including time and space.

This practice is similar to deep meditation or a transparent dream that works through our mind’s eye.

Laura Brown, ascension conductor, and channeler informs that traveling through consciousness is possible through practice and intention as humans possess innate astral projection abilities.

We have compiled 7 easy ways to practice the art of astral projection and relieve your home-bound existence by traveling across various realms.

I: Optimize Your Innate Abilities

It is widely believed by practitioners that everyone has an essential skill to tap into their astral projection ability. This can be done by removing mental blockages which prevent us from opening our inner eye.

Brown emphasizes the strengthening of visualization skills to transport our consciousness to other places while we remain static. So, overcome the mental atrophy to separate your mind from your body.

II: Practice Self-Hypnosis & Meditation

Meditation is an ideal way to begin experimenting with astral projection skills and exploring our consciousness. Clearing the mind helps the growth of ethereal concepts and opens up explored astral realms to travel to.

Self-hypnosis goes beyond meditation where the mind goes into a deep trance-like state that remains in astral realms for a longer time.

III: Lucid Dreaming

It is believed that astral projection keeps us fully conscious. Manu Del-Prete, a psychic medium and energy healer, states that dreaming is a form of astral projection where we are unaware of the fact that we are projecting in our sleep.

However, during lucid dreaming, we remain fully conscious of the fact that it is a dream.

IV: The Art Of Crystals

The metaphysical world provides several advantages of crystals that complement healing practices, meditations, and others.

Renee Watt, a professional psychic, mentions the perfect use of blue kyanite to traverse astral domains while selenite keeps unwanted attachments away from you. Meditation with crystals greatly helps to familiarize astral frequencies.

V: Turn Off The Lights

Our inner eye tries to disassociate from the physical world during astral projection. The process will be faster and better by eliminating disrupting visuals by turning off the lights and meditating in darkness.

Try to use thick, dark-colored curtains for bedrooms to prevent lights from entering. Eye masks and comfortable clothing while sleeping at night also help in lucid dreaming.

VI: ‘Wake Again In Bed’ Technique

The technique of waking again in bed is perfect to achieve lucid dreaming that heightens our consciousness in dream realms.

Prete confirms that falling asleep soon after waking up in the early morning and staying awake for 10 minutes greatly helps in disconnecting the mind and body that is crucial for astral projection.

VII: Have No Expectations

Astral projections are surprising and unexpected so let go of all expectations and let your consciousness take over your mind that will bring unprecedented experiences.

Watt says astral realms are unique and astounding, thus we must completely relax to enjoy this esoteric experience fully.

To Sum It Up

Psychic practitioners have stated that astral projections have the power to alter one’s life with positive energy and remain a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some. Nonetheless sincerely practicing these methods can help in regularly traveling to astral realms.

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