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Reiki Healing Is Gaining Support And Now It’s Being Used In Top US Hospitals

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

What exactly is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese process of healing others based on intention. One person has to concentrate their intentions on healing another just with the human touch.

Many hospitals in the US are now offering Reiki as a healing method for their patients.

Dr. Jessica Utts, of the University of California, Department of Statistics, had published a paper back in 1999. It showed that studies to approve modern medications were less significant than parapsychological ones, statistically.

Even the parapsychological experiments, under extremely tight controls, produced stronger results than traditional medicines, like taking aspirin daily to prevent heart attacks.

While Dr. Utts refers to remote viewing specifically, she also refers to parapsychology. And parapsychology includes Reiki and distant healing. The energy healing of Reiki is done by placing one’s hands above the body of the patient or lightly touching their body. It can also be done in the form of prayers for long-distance cases.

The power of human intentions is what is utilized in Reiki. Intentions are known to affect our thoughts as well as the body. CIA’s document “Paranormal Activity To Break Through Spatial Barriers” dwells into this psychological aspect and Dr. Utts referred to this document for her study as well.

Studies taking into account quantum physics laws also show similar results. Physic Essays published information that explained how experts performed experiments to find the effects of consciousness in shaping how we perceive our physical reality.

In a study, meditators were tested against non-meditators to see the result of the collapsing quantum wave function. The study found that mental activities like attention, consciousness, and intention have the ability to make physical matter react in certain ways. This was the same study with which CERN discovered the Higgs particle.

A recent study found that we can store within us healing energy and intentions. This same energy can then be used to treat breast cancer cells in vitro. Again, a proof of the mind-body connection.

Apart from the abovementioned, there are many more studies and experiments that are striving to prove that alternative medicines and methods like Reiki can be helpful in treating diseases and can improve our health as well.

Reiki is mentioned as a study under Distant Mental Interactions with Living Systems (DMILS). EEG, EEG, heart rate, and electrodermal activity can be used to measure the healing effects of Reiki.

DMILS experiments have been successfully done in labs throughout the world. They show how people can not only interact but also heal from a distance. One of the Chief Scientists at IONS, Dean Radin, claimed that the DMILS’ proof of principle shows the presence of noticeable amounts of interaction between people who are not in close physical contact.

Even after such enigma-based evidence, there are some scientists who oppose them. One of their reasons is that “action at a distance” is not possible since it goes against our established biological and physical laws.

The other reason is based on neuroscience: they say that since the mind is the same as the brain, there can be no claims of calling brain activity as “healing intention”. Such brain activity cannot be communicated outside the body hence they reject the experiments.

Reiki is slowly being accepted but a lot of superstition is still attached to it. People are not sure of the spiritual and magical aspects of it despite scientific proof. Some even believe that the ones who healed did so only because of their own will power, not because of Reiki treatment.

Johns Hopkins from Maryland, USA and his Interactive Medicine and Digestive Center are recommending Reiki. They recommend it to speed up patients’ healing process and to reduce their pains. Hence Reiki is being accepted just like interactive psychotherapy, therapeutic massages, and acupuncture. This Center also ranked in the honor roll 2017-18 for the best hospitals in the country, where The Mayo Clinic stood first.

The Interactive Healing Enhancement Volunteering Program of the hospital includes many healing services. In every such service, Reiki is compulsory. The doctors also give a brief explanation why Reiki was included. One of the Relaxation Services keeps Reiki as optional.

A cancer center created in 1973 by the Uni. of Pennsylvania serves as a motivation for cancer-related activities. Now known as the Abramson Cancer Center, Reiki is one of its many offerings.

The President of Quantum Intech, Dr. Deborah Rozmen explains that each person’s energy can affect the collective environment. This implies that the person’s intentions can generate energy affecting the collective field. In order to defuse societal stress on a global scale, every one of us has to be responsible with our energy.

We must raise our vibrations and increase our coherence. This will lead to a greater consciousness of our feelings and thoughts which go out in the world every day. We must choose to send out only positive energies, says Dr. Rozmen.

Some more interesting facts about Reiki:

The human heart can emit electromagnetic waves which heavily depend on our feelings and emotions. The waves form a field which can be measured within a few feet around the body.

Positive thoughts and emotions can bring both physical and psychological benefits. They can even boost our immune system by collecting energies. But negative emotions tend to create chaos within us.

Dr. Natalie Trent is a shamanic healer and also a neuroscientist. She is examining mind-body relations, medicines, and spirituality to find how the mystical and the scientific integrate.

Her work is dedicated to preventing illnesses and trying to help people heal. New York Times has even published her surveys. Dr. Trent has also authored 2 award-winning books and many scientific publications.

Reiki and other alternative medicines are now being accepted in hospitals and there is enough proof to support the cause. They own validation even when they are, at times, beyond science.

Many feel that if such alternatives are helping people heal from life-threatening diseases or keeping them healthy in general, scientific proof or its lack can be overlooked at times.

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EL January 26, 2020 - 8:05 pm

Reiki (Rei = Universal, ki = energy) is one of numerous energetic systems, utilized to help folks to open to their own innate (<already born with) healing abilities… Both the client and practicer opens collaboratively to "Universal Energy" (Reiki), providing focused intent that healing will occur on "all" levels (body, emotions, mental, spiritual, all timelines, no time, etc.)… Ego is left by the wayside by both parties, allowing the Purity that Is, to go where this energy/ intent is needed to correct the problem(s)…\ It's a misnomer that someone "heals" another person… Truth, the intent of the client to want to heal, begins this process… Then the actions and choices the client implements differently to change what brought the problem into their lives, will create the desired healing… Returning to the habits that created the problem, will make the problem return…\ Ultimately, healing is a choice… Life is change and learning is constant… When you know better, you do better… Relying on others to solely "fix" the problem, only creates more… You have to participate in the change you want to see in all aspects of yourself, and thus these changes will also happen outwardly in the world! Open to the Magnificence already within… And you will be guided to your best and most fulfilling life! Namaste…


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