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It Takes A Real Man To Be With A Free-Spirited Woman

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by Conscious Reminder

“There are some places in life where you can only go alone. Embrace the beauty of your solo journey.” ― Mandy Hale

Men are having it difficult these days finding a partner, even those who are around women a lot. And it is worse for the regular, middle-of-the-road guy who sees red at any sign of social interaction with a girl.

And the reason is that women have an attractive option in life- being alone. It is not that they are immune to love, but it takes a lot to turn them around.

Love Your Solitary Journey

Women have stopped equating loneliness with being single. She has created a life for herself where she can experience her desires and fantasies.

She doesn’t need the emotional and financial crutches of a man to validate her existence. On her own, she is happy, vibrant, busy, and goal-oriented and that makes her more attractive.

She doesn’t feel the need to put her life on hold waiting for love. She is brave enough to be alone. She is the heroine of her life and not the victim.

Being alone is not about options but choice. And if you are to succeed you have to deviate from the set patterns of wooing a woman. And you have to be real.

The Real Man Is Proud Of His Tears

Tears are a sign of a pure heart, not a sign of weakness. A real man need not be ashamed of his tears. He is gentler, more conscience-stricken, and more aware of his past ingratitude.

Love Does Not Need A Manual

A relationship is not a do-it-yourself manual. It is the insecure ones who make elaborate plans to woo a woman. The real man respects a woman too much to try to emotionally manipulate her.

He is strong enough to withstand adversity and loneliness just as the woman he tries to charm. No woman is comfortable around men they cannot trust.

Have The Courage To Express Your Feelings

It takes a lot of courage to show your feelings to someone you love. The real man is open about his feelings. He surrenders to his woman mutually and completely.

Openness gives him the necessary humility to accept and entertain the idea that his inability to express certain things does not make him unreal or immaterial.

The Trust Is Deep And Mutual

The easiest way to know if you can trust somebody is to do just that. Always be courageous enough to trust love one more time.

A man’s vision becomes clearer when he takes the trouble and dares to look into his own heart. He has to attain that stage of mental fortitude to stand any chance of finding love.

There are few things more beautiful and more precious than a woman who is unashamedly herself. Being comfortable with herself and her surrounding in all its perfect imperfections is the true essence of her beauty.

And if a man has to succeed in a relationship with her, he has to do a complete revamp of all that he has come to accept as the way to a woman heart. It isn’t easy but it is the real deal.

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