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A Highly Sensitive Person In Relationships ~ Empaths

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Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes. Not only is empathy hard to outsource and automate, but it makes the world a better place.

A person who is so sensitive and in tune to not only the energy that reverberates throughout the cosmos to Earth, from feeling everything random strangers feel, to being so in tune to those that we are closest to, so much so, that you can’t get anything past us. An Empaths purpose is to Feel to Heal, to transmute lower vibrational energies to higher ones simply by being in another’s presence. An Empath is the embodiment of love, light and peace, because anything less than that wrecks havoc on our sensitive nervous systems. It is imperative that Empaths surround themselves with calm, loving, peaceful, go with the flow people. If not, they will “people please” until they are drained, if they have not yet learned to say no. If an Empath ends up in a relationship with an angry person, whose moods shift with the wind, the consequences can be dire with the Empath absorbing all of that negative energy and not clearing it. It becomes blocked and stagnant in the energy chakras of the Empath, and will eventually manifest in physical illness if not cleared.

For an Empath to be proficient at transmutation they must learn to have energy move through their body. As soon as it comes in it does not get absorbed, it gets transmuted through the vibration of love and sent back out of the body. If you feel a bombardment of negative energy coming at you…Stop…Access, this is Not mine, this is someone else’s. They are the owner of these emotions, not me. Bathe them in the vibration of love, and let it go… like a big whoosh out of your energy field.

Empaths are Earth Angels. They are always helping others before themselves. They always put themselves last and rarely give themselves self love and care. They are the listeners every friend turns to. They are the person that random strangers come up to and tell their life story to which ends in tears with a huge emotional, healing release. And the person says, I have never told Anyone that! I can’t believe I just told you all of that! They are the positive energy others seek in times of feeling low, and they are non-judgmental loving souls who accept the unaccepted by society’s standards and love them just the same. Empaths do not have a mean bone in their bodies, because it is pure torture to an Empath to hurt someone else intentionally, whether that be human, animal, plants, or all of the above. If an Empath hurts someone else, intentionally or unintentionally, an Empath automatically feels that pain just inflicted on another. Yes, we are Earth’s Angels (energy feelers) for this very reason. However, there is only so much an Empath will take in the form of selfishness, rudeness, meanness, hatefulness, negativity, self loathing, self righteousness, passive aggressiveness and narcissistic behavior before they will snap! But before they do, they will always give you way more chances to correct your negative behavior before that ever happens. Empaths do not like confrontation or drama, or fighting, or negativity…..But if they are pushed beyond their limits, and see they are being manipulated or used purposely they will stand up for themselves. They will ultimately remove these people from their lives… permanently, for the sake of their own health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.

An Empath has the ability to heal you with touch, an open mind, and a listening ear, or just sitting in peaceful silence, if you are ready. Just sitting with an Empath in complete silence is calming, peaceful and healing if you can sit still long enough to feel that healing energy.

Being that Empaths are Earth Angels, it seems the law of cause and effect takes hold much quicker when Empaths are intentionally hurt by another. Personally I have witnessed this so many times in my own life. An Empath never wants to “bother” someone else with their problems. So if an Empath actually asks you for help, or they feel comfortable and trust you enough to open up to you and tell you their deepest darkest, and you turn your back on them in their darkest hour, that cause and effect is swift to get your attention immediately in how you have treated another soul by being too self absorbed and selfish in your own needs or wants.

An Empaths Energy is extremely powerful as it is meant for healing. But when an Empath is hurt by someone else, and that energy is focused upon the person who hurt them, who broke their heart, it is like an electric lightening strike to that person’s heart, body and mind. An Empath in power of this gift, and who only uses it for the highest good of others, knows how this can happen “unintentionally” to someone who has “intentionally” hurt them simply by feeling this extreme pain, and only simply thinking the person’s name who hurt them while in tears.

Examples of this are:
An Empath is in a relationship with an extremely selfish, self absorbed person. Their moods shift like the wind. They have already, countless times, hurt the Empath to the point of tears and heartbreak. The Empath’s energy reserves are drained, they are remanded to bed because their life force energy has been sucked dry, they have absorbed too much and the only option is to rest. They fall physically ill with any illness, and need this person to “be there” for them. This person says, what am I supposed to do, just lay here and watch you breathe? I want to go out! I don’t feel like sitting or laying here! And in saying this they are extremely mean and heartless. This person goes to leave, jumps over a doggie gate and twists their ankle so badly they can’t walk and are in excruciating pain for two days. The Empath, even though drained, sends healing energy to this person and miraculously snaps the ankle back into place and the pain is gone. The person can walk normally again. The law of “cause and effect”.

An Empath will typically only have a very small circle of friends who they explicitly trust, up to three usually at the most. They keep this circle small on purpose. These are trusted friends who have passed the test of an Empath, and who may also be Empaths themselves. Empaths never want to “bother” others with their problems, because they know how it feels to be dumped on with a barrage of emotional toxicity. But at times an Empath will go through an extremely dark period in their lives, and need that one friend just to be there to listen and give a healing hug. Let’s say the Empath’s friends all live out of state and they don’t get to see each other often, and communicate via phone when each has time. The Empath has communicated to the best friend they are going through a really dark time. The Empath’s friend happens to be coming to the area for vacation, but is staying with another friend for this vacation, but is only 30 minutes away in distance. The Empath says to friend, if you could spare one day to come over and hang out, catch up and talk because I miss you, that would be great! Friend says, sure! Friend has arrived safely and has been on vacation for five days without a text or call to the Empath, in which friend knows Empath is really suffering and in pain. Friend calls Empath on the last day in town and says, do you have an hour this morning? An hour without any advance notice, when friend knows a close relative is also in the hospital sick over this five day period, is the friends way of getting out of the visit passive aggressively due to selfishness, and in wanting to only have fun and not wanting to deal with anyone else’s issues while on vacation. Empath knows this, and says no, I do not have one hour this morning. I have to pick up my sick relative from the hospital today, but I was available the past 5 days while sitting alone waiting for your call or text as to when it would be convenient to come for the day. That call or text never came. Friend flies back home and winds up with legionnaire’s disease from going in bacteria ridden Gulf of Mexico waters. The friends other family, their kids and hubby were also in the same water and never got legionnaire’s, only the friend of the Empath. “Cause & Effect”.

Said relative in the hospital was asked, even begged, by the Empath to please help them around the house, with the kids. Give the Empath some time and space alone to process the darkness. The Empath never has time completely alone living with three other people, and one who rarely ever leaves the house. The Empath has known the relative for some 25+ years and has never asked the relative for anything. But this one time really needing the other person to step up to the plate, and give the Empath a break of having to deal with everything, just for a couple of days. The relative locks themselves in their bedroom and doesn’t show their face for days, only to come downstairs to eat and go right back upstairs having the Empaths call for help fall on deaf ears. The relative ends up with a multitude of blood clots in their lungs, and a mild heart infraction and is in the hospital for 10 days. The Empath sends healing energy to the relative to dissipate the blood clots, and repair the heart and said relative is okay with assisted medications here on out.

The reason the Empath is going through such a dark period is because the mother and father are extreme narcissists and have hurt the Empath greatly. The Empath had already cut off relations with the mother and just came in renewed contact with father after 48 years. Empath only ever saw the father once prior at 6 years old. Empath agrees to a visit from the father only to be crushed by learning lies, father pushing daughter away and father having manic bi-polar episodes due to not taking prescribed meds, while being a full blown alcoholic who also abuses drugs. The father hurt the Empath daughter greatly and ultimately had to ask him to leave short of the initial duration of the visit. During the same time the father, after arriving home ends up in the hospital with a heart attack. Empath daughter again sends healing energy, and the father is released from the hospital, forgiven and given a second chance to only hurt the daughter again. Father ends up in car accident with a broken back who must remain in the hospital for three plus months to recover. The woman who was with him called the daughter a cunt bitch and to mind her own business. Said woman was married, cheating on her husband with the Empaths dad who had 5 children, and who also was a drug addict and alcoholic, who was using the Empaths father for his pension to buy drugs. The woman was killed on the scene of the car accident. The law of “Cause and Effect.”

After the daughter Empath cut off relations with the mother due to being hurt over and over, the mother’s cat bit her in the hand and she wound up in the hospital with a nasty infection which required antibiotics to heal. The law of “cause and effect”.

The Empath had another friend who was extremely selfish. This friend borrowed money from the Empath all the time with the promise of paying it back. When it came that time, the friend thought it more important to shop for a new dress, get Botox, or get a weave in their hair. The Empath said, you’re off the hook. Consider the debt wiped clean. It’s more draining to deal with this friend than it is to keep them as a friend. The Empath was being used for an ear every weekend, but when the Empath needed her ear, the friend was always too tired to listen. The Empath was being used as a bank with promises to pay back. The said friend had an empty can roll under the break pedal of their car on the expressway one day after this relationship was cut off clearing all owed debt, and the friend couldn’t stop when needed. Got into an accident and totalled the car. The friend was okay with minor injuries from the airbag. The law of “cause and effect.”

In every case the Empath did not wish ill will on any, but was extremely hurt by all. The hurt, and broken heartedness, the “extreme pain energy” that was felt by the Empath being in that extreme emotional pain traveled through the Etheric cord and hit the other person like a bolt of lightning! The Empath knows the power of their energy, and knows to Never focus bad energy on another or the Empath will experience the law of cause and effect immediately as well. In each instance the Empath, even though hurt by these people, still sent healing energy to assist in their recoveries. Because the Empath felt bad they were hurt by reaping the consequences of their actions.

If you don’t think the law of cause and effect is real, think back on the times you have hurt someone else out of selfishness or greed and recall what has happened to you afterwards. This was your wake-up call to treat others with kindness and compassion, with empathy. To no longer be selfish and self serving, but to be in service of others. When an Empath touches you with their healing energy and grace, it is not like anything you’ve ever felt or experienced in this lifetime because it is a gift from the Divine. It is magical bliss which an Empath will work miracles and alchemy in your favor. An Empath will awaken you to your own divinity and open your heart, and your soul to depths you’ve always been afraid to experience before, to heal you! Ultimately so you may step into your own divine soul purpose on this planet.

Empaths are Earth Angels who do no harm, but take no shit when they are in full acceptance of their power and gift. They will hold others accountable for their actions and they will call you out on lies and BS…Every Single Time! They will force one to stand within their own integrity, or they will walk away, no longer wishing to expel their energy on someone who just wants to feed off of them like vampires. To know an Empath is to be in the presence of an Earth Angel. To love an Empath is to experience magical bliss every single day. To be in love with an Empath will take you on the deepest most profound mind, body, soul journey you’ve never experienced before. An Empath will open your heart to places within your heart you never even knew existed. It is so scary to most to experience this depth that they RUN! They HIDE! They push an Empath away, because they have been so shut off from feeling for so long, they scare themselves out of feeling at all. But… Ultimately the touch of an Empath never fades, and once touched by this Magical Bliss one never forgets. And everyone else they meet after you is just superficial, boring, lacking any substance…. nothing ever compares again. They know what they lost in having this magical connection. But when they finally realize what they’ve lost, the Empath is already long gone onto their next healing mission on this Earth. An Empath is strong and will never let someone else stand in the way of their Divine mission and purpose on this Earth in service of others.

If you know an Empath, love them back as much as they love you. Accept them as they’ve accepted you. Do not try to change them and support them in their purpose for it is not an easy one. Understand their extreme sensitivity to energy, and give them the space and downtime they need to recharge so their magical bliss will always be something you experience with them and not just observe from afar. And don’t ever intentionally hurt an Earth Angel who has been there for you, and loved you unconditionally. An Empath already feels so much bad in this world, that they only deserve to feel loved by the ones they are closest to.

Love, Tiffany
An Empath who stands in my I AM divinity and power to use this gift in the highest service of myself, others, and this planet to hopefully make it a better place. That’s why I came here. That’s what I’m doing. And thank all you Empaths for doing the same thing. Blessed be.

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