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5 Lessons You May Learn From A Breakup

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by Lauren Groff,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Breakups can feel like a bomb had went off. It’s devastating to break up with someone, of course. You may find yourself heartbroken, angry, disgusted, and hurt – that’s understandable.

The loneliness afterwards can be overwhelming to the point where you’ll doubt that you may ever find love again.

But despite these setbacks, there’s still a glimmer of hope for you.

In fact, you can learn and grow from this part of your life, if you allow it to happen. And, as you learn and grow from this experience, you’ll be stronger, wiser, and happier about yourself.

With that in mind, this article will show you the 5 important lessons to think about, if you’ve ever been in a breakup situation, or are going through it at this time:

:: Figure Out What’s Important In Life

“While being in a relationship may be on the top of your list on the things that are important in your life, it doesn’t have to be top priority,” says Blake Sanders, a personal development blogger at Boomessays and Dissertation Writers. “If there are things that your significant other may like doing, are they some things that YOU like doing? If not, then that’s a red flag on why the relationship didn’t work out after all.”

:: You Can Change You … No One Else

Sometimes, people think that they can change their partners just by talking to them. However, that’s always never the case. When you love someone, that doesn’t that you can change them if you don’t like how they’re acting towards you. For example, if you try to change their drinking habits, then chances are, they won’t stop – not even for you.

So, let’s face it: You can’t make someone change, no matter how hard you try. THEY should want to change for you.

But, in the case where your partner doesn’t want to change for you, then it’s best to let them go. Sure, leaving them can hurt at first, but at least it’s better than being in a relationship where you’re not happy with your partner. It’s better to learn to walk away at this point. Only YOU can change you.

:: Figure Out The “Ideal” Soulmate

Not every relationship is perfect. Although you may desire to be in a perfect relationship, it’s never going to happen, whether you’re in a relationship or single.

So, what exactly IS the “ideal” soulmate?

Think about how you fell in love with someone, before the two of you had broken up. What were the things that you liked about the person at the beginning? Don’t focus on the negatives from the relationship.

:: Forgive And Forget

“It’s easy to stay mad at the person that you broke up with,” says Georgine Miller, a wellness writer at Resumention and Write My Essay. “However, it’s important to be mature and sensible during this time. While it’s not easy to have a mutual respect for the other person, you must still keep a cool head. And, to keep a cool head is to practice forgiveness. Instead of holding a grudge against the person long after the breakup, learn to forgive and forget. Otherwise, this grudge can grow to interfere with other things in life, like your career, your passion, or another relationship. Remember: You deserve to be happy, as you move on.”

:: Celebrate Being Alone

Finally, being single is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, those who are single after a breakup feel happier as a result.

For instance, there may have been things that you had used to do, but couldn’t do them because you were spending time with your partner. Maybe you have time to do them now?

Or, if you’ve taken up a new hobby, you can do so, now that you’re single, right?

While there will be times when you’ll experience loneliness, it’s important to have your family and friends as a support system, as you make the transition into singlehood. Over time, the loneliness won’t affect you as much.


So, now that you know the 5 lessons to remember as you’re going through a breakup, it’s important to keep your head up as you’re going through this part of your life. This will all come to pass. Once you have a good idea on where to take your life next, then you’ll forget about the breakup and move on with life. Good luck!

About the Author: Lauren Groff is a writer at Student Writing Services. She explores the topic of relationship and bonds between people.

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