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How To Give Love A Chance After Twin Flame Separation

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by Conscious Reminder

Many people mistake their twin flame to be their soulmates and intend to spend their life together.

While we gradually experience ascension, there is a gradual pull towards twin flame. This ignites within us as this unique experience changes us forever.

Soon reality dawns upon us and we find ourselves at the end of the world with no future prospect. We naturally withdraw inside a cocoon and find it acutely difficult to make connections or trust others again.

This is most often the natural sequence of affairs where we meet our respective twin flame but part ways due to various circumstances that bring a sense of disillusionment and ultimately leave us messed up.

This is when we must understand the purpose of having a twin flame. The most crucial purpose of our twin is to help us determine the path of our life which might sometimes change the entire course of our life.

Our connection with our twin flame is extremely special owing to the soulful union that can at times prove to be complicated and unfulfilling.

This union is usually intended to be challenging that will urge us to step outside our comfort zone and explore unexpected ways. Such explorations bring out surprising aspects of ourselves and change our innate personality traits.

Complications & Surprises In Twin Flame Connection

Due to the multiple and massive differences with the twin flame, we often feel the desire to forget the person and erase the memories of the relationships. This happens when the complications are overpowering and unbearable.

We must take the cue and move on! In case we fall weak and decide to stay in the relationship, our personal growth gets stunted. As known, emotional and mental development is intricately related to our relationships. Love is the driving force and often leads us to our inspiration and success.

Nonetheless, just because you decide to part ways and move on, the value of your twin flame does not diminish or does not indicate that they are no longer your soulmate.

It is an undeniable fact that the chemistry and connection with twin flames remains an unparalleled experience that is rare and extraordinary. Such a connection awakens our soul and motivates us to plunge in, otherwise, unexpected acts.

Goodbyes Can Be New Beginnings

There is also a considerable period of grieving after separation or break-up with the twin flame. The most necessary step for moving on from a significant relationship is to grieve and get the emotion out of our system to actually be able to feel new emotions emerging from within.

There are many experts and analysts who believe that writing journals, meditation, and creative outputs can significantly help in the process of healing and growth.

There are a few rituals that need to be performed at the time of the full moon that brings immense spiritual improvement. Such rituals can be individualistic or group activity.

Time is the best healer and resolves several issues because it brings many answers to repressed questions.

The next important step towards recovery is finding love and making new connections. Only a relationship of love and care has the power to heal deep emotional scars. After we find the courage to take this big leap, we are completely ready for opening our hearts and souls to new experiences and live to their fullest.

The age-old belief of the attraction and mutual need between the yin and the yang is not just a proverbial saying but a truth across every religion and culture.

The natural need between the energies of masculine and feminine is inherently a divine union and brings forth love in various forms. We must remember to never stop seeking love because it will lead us to happiness.

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