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New Moon Blessings For Each Zodiac Sign – May The Eclipse Reveal Your Deepest Truth

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Bright Blessings
Romy Wyser 🤍


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May the Eclipse reveal your deepest truth. That you are infinitely worthy of freedom, love and growth in your soul journey and to know you’re forever being guided home to your own sacred spirit fire within.
✨Sun, Moon & Rising Affirmations for your soulful rituals and energy activations.
Gifted with love and healing blessings.✨


I AM communicating with a new language that feels healing and forward focused as I expand my connections and welcome new support and soul family into my hopes and dreams. Spirit has beautiful new plans for me as I embrace them with wonder and possibility. The timing has never been better to say “yes” to my soul. I am deeply nourished by the changes I’m making and my heart is opening to deeper joy, certainty and peace. I love who I’m becoming. I respect my journey and I’m open to receive.


I HAVE given myself permission to put new found focus on my purpose and to set into motion the seeds that will shape my path to soul fulfilment. I seek direction from the compass of my soul and find clarity in the North Star that shines within. I trust the surrender and embrace the transition as I break free from what has tethered me to the past. I’m coming alive in this new space of fertile energy where everything feels vibrant and peaceful and true to my soul essence. I align with my higher wisdom to bravely release and open myself to more.


I THINK new thoughts that are brighter, bolder and chase the horizon of possibility as I seek more for myself in the adventure of life. I am shaping new beliefs with every step I take to carve original pathways in unchartered lands of mystery and magic. Energy is transforming before my eyes and I witness the evolution with certainty that I’m in the right place at the right time. I accept my worthiness to receive the blessings that are flowing into the spaces I’ve created to nurture them. I’ve never been more ready to allow joy into my path. Fate is about to connect me to extraordinary new experiences and my heart is already expanding to receive them.


I FEEL deeply into the quiet space that whispers secrets of where I am rising like the Phoenix and transforming my life into something epic and empowered. I merge with those souls who sing my song and together we become more. My trust is anchored in new found self respect and belief. Knitted together with promise and possibilities. I am awakening to the truth of how aligned I now am to all that I desire. This moment is beautiful and I let myself fall into its magical waters. It breathes life back into all that is ready to come alive and I feel complete.


I WILL recognize the true light of my own soul and embrace where I see this mirrored in those I connect with as I blossom in the richness of loving and respecting myself more day by day. I thrive when I embrace the best of myself. So many synchronicities falling into my journey as I realize what’s been waiting patiently for me all along. Peace rises up like a chorus of angels and I let it flood my senses as I meet the abundance of love that’s destined to envelop me from this day forth.


I REFLECT on what needs nurtured and soothed within me and around me so I may build powerful new energetic foundations that support my future self. I’m emerging with the strength, courage and love to initiate change and allow for my expansion into greatness, gratitude and peace. I’ve never been more certain, more open to receive and ready to be shown the horizon of blessings that are wrapped around my destiny. I smile at the perfection of it all and realize my gifts are only just beginning to unfold as my life is opening up in more beautiful ways than I could have imagined. I feel more at home in myself than I’ve ever been and all is well.


I BALANCE work with time to play, to lighten my spirit and feed my soul with the curious heart of a child and the devotion to allow pleasure to flow like a stream through the mountains that try to limit my light. I fall back in love with what nourishes my energy and sustains my soul. I am evolving and new desires are being born the more I let go. I welcome them with fresh hope and a deep wisdom that recognizes it’s my time and I’m ready to experience life in ways that leave me in awe at the daily miracles being sent to me. I’m ready for more and it’s here.


I DESIRE to create a harmonious space that lets me feel into new ways of connecting to my soul. I allow new languages of love to be spoken with the soul family that is home for me as I steady my roots so my heart can soar. I am safe to be me. I’m releasing so many layers and now I see with greater clarity what my soul has been guiding me towards. I’m wrapped in so much love in this transition and I accept the wholeness and the worthiness of my being with every beautiful step. The gift is greater than I could ever have asked for and it’s unfolding in waves of beautiful consciousness, peace and harmony. I feel fulfilled in every way.


I SEE new patterns emerging in the way I think. Thoughts are becoming less tangled with the past, free to roam and explore what’s next without limit or expectation. I meet this moment with curiosity and calm as I discover who I’m becoming and receive the blessing of this bounty. I direct my energy to what serves to expand the goodness in my life. Kindness and love is showered onto my path as I lift myself beyond the heaviness of doubt and into the sacred certainty of trust within myself. I’m awakened to the true beauty within me and it’s changing everything. Gifts just keep flowing and I let them pile up in my heart space full of faith and appreciation.


I USE all of the tools I’ve learned and the wisdom I’ve gained to wrap more value and worth around every word I speak to myself and every inspired action I take to invite in more abundance in my world. I am more because of the journey I’ve walked and I accept my infinite capacity to rise in worthiness as I open to all that is ready to be received. I am a portal of change and this knowing is exquisite in its ability to keep teaching me how to step into deeper resilience, patience, peace and love. Magic has arrived let me welcome it with all the wonder of a child and the deep knowing of a faith built from love.


I KNOW this time is transforming me and I embrace fully this soul revolution as I lead myself to a new path of fulfilment and step into my greatest potential. I am stronger than I’ve ever been and I’m witnessing miracles lighting up my path as I remain open and light filled to all that is yet to come. My worthiness was never in doubt. My acceptance of the riches that reside within me has unearthed treasures that are lining my journey with gold. I’m deserving of the happiness and love I seek. My heart has never been more ready to receive it.


I BELIEVE the layers I’m releasing are creating space for the greatest adventures I’ve yet to experience in my life. I trust the map of my soul as it guides me deeper into the mysteries of the universe and my beautiful journey within it. I receive the healing energies and dive deeply into a new found self-belief that will carry me far beyond this place to and my heart will soar at the sight of what is being revealed on the horizon. I no longer accept “just enough” everything in my life now overflows with abundant blessings, wisdom and joy. I claim my wholeness today and release anything that denies me this birthright.

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