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Synchronicities And Signs That Appear In Case Of A False Twin Flame Connection

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by Conscious Reminder

We all know that the universe sends a lot of pointers and signs our way when we need them the most. Synchronicities are just one of these many signs.

Sometimes (or rather most) we need the help of the universe and our spiritual guides to nudge us in the right direction. This extends to recognizing our Twin Flames too. However, some of the signs that are used to identify the twin flames also hold true for a false twin.

The signs of a twin flames synchronicity are:

  • Seeing the master number 11 a lot of times.
  • Both you and your twin flame being with, and leaving your respective false flames.
  • Having universal messages guiding you towards the direction of your twin flames.
  • Similar coincidences experienced by you as well as your twin flames.
  • Both of you finally recognizing the signs for what they are and being together.

Some of the synchronicities of a false flame would be similar to that of a true twin flames because like everything else with a false twin flame, this is also meant to prepare you for your eventual union with your true twin.

The signs of a false flame synchronicity

When you are in a relationship with a false twin, there would be certain signs you can pay attention to which will alert you to the nature of your Union-

  • Unlike a true twin who helps you heal wounds from your past, a false twin will keep rubbing those wounds open.
  • You’d feel you’ve stuck a rut in your Spiritual growth.
  • You’d be uncomfortable conversion with them and your intuition would keep telling you something is off. Even if there is nothing in particular for you to put your finger on.
  • They’d try to manipulate you and feel threatened and insecure if you ever try to take charge.
  • They’d evade talking about things that matter and solving your problems through effective communication.
  • They would try to bring you down and down play your achievements every chance they get.
  • Many things in your life might be going wrong for you. It is said that false twin Flames come with their share of misfortunes.
  • You’d never feel stable in the relationship. There would always be a sense of it being over one day or the other.

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