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Harnessing The Powers Of The Crown Chakra And Using It To Your Advantage

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by Conscious Reminder

We can transcend our confines and limitations, both psychologically and spiritually, with the help of the crown chakra.

We can attain wisdom, hope, enlightenment, insight, and joy of spiritual consciousness with this radiant crown atop our heads.

The crown chakra acts as the center of energy source within each one of us. This energy is responsible for creating a connection with spiritual wisdom, thought, and awareness.

The glowing chakra is also known as the 7th chakra. This pure and sacred energy emits a cosmic consciousness that is carried within us.

The crown chakra is located on top of the head, much like a halo. This shining source of energy helps us in regulating consciousness. It provides us with access to the higher frequencies. Eventually, we are able to perceive and understand what lies beyond the human senses.

Usually, the color of the chakra is white while the petals form the colors of a rainbow. The crown symbol represents liberation.

The Splendour Of The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is always related to the pineal, pituitary gland as well as hypothalamus. Both the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus work in sync in order to accurately control the workings of our endocrine system.

In addition, the crown chakra is also closely associated with our nervous system and the brain. Every time the chakra energy is balanced, there is a sense of calm within us.

This makes us strongly connected with the spiritual direction and the Higher Self. This gives us quick access to our deep connections. These connections give rise to unity with others that leads to happiness and satisfaction in life.

Despite the massive challenges in life, we feel peaceful and tranquil because we can clearly perceive a higher meaning behind every situation. We start feeling grounded and humble in every thought process.

We begin to take charge of our vulnerabilities and emotions. Our instincts reach a heightened position that guides every step of ours. We feel extremely enlightened and composed.

Challenges Posed By Crown Chakra

However, there is a flip to crown chakra as well. When it is imbalanced or blocked, we feel emotionally disconnected. There is a sense of a lack of empathy, purpose, inspiration. As a result, we are engulfed by depression. Our positive and radiant source of energy soon becomes a source of negativity that flows through us all the time.

Along with a lack of motivation, there are a few other outward symptoms as well. These include chronic headaches, stress, and physical illness. In some extreme cases, people can also suffer from aggression, paranoia, adverse criticism, and a feeling of superiority.

Practices To Heal And Achieve Progressive Crown Chakra

The crown chakra can be opened through crystals like amethyst, selenite, and clear quartz. Holding any of these crystals throughout meditation or keeping one under the pillow is highly beneficial.

Writing intuitive thoughts can help to understand the crown chakra pattern. Foods which are violet-colored including eggplant, herbal teas, and ginger can also be very helpful.

The crown chakra can be healed and made healthy in a number of ways. Different forms of meditation such as violet flame, activation meditation, and binaural beats are helpful. Certain healing practices like Reiki, Pranic, and Healing Touch can transform our energy system.

It is very important to eliminate negative thoughts with the use of positive mantras. Frequently chanting OM removes negativity and attracts serenity. Synchronistic intuition flow and spiritual practices will allow resonation on a higher level.

Thoughts To Keep In Mind

Side-effects are a common phenomenon of the crown chakra, especially when it starts opening up. There might be physical impacts including mild sensations through the body or throbbing of the head. However, the outcome is invariably blissful and enlightening.

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