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Why Reunion Of Twin Flames Is Only Possible When You First Let Go?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

People usually ask themselves the question of why letting go is actually the only way of possible manifesting a twin flames’ reunion?

Well, it is as it represents the main principle of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is actually the alignment of our vibrations with our Universe. We attract just the things which definitely are our excellent vibrational match.

So, when we hold certain things in our mind, everything attaches to it. Being afraid of them not coming back, expecting that they have to come back, doubt, so with all of this, there will be our subtle ego that also attaches to it. Therefore, we vibrate at fear, expectation, sadness or doubt level.

When we release every single thing, and we decide to let go, our twin flame, our expectation, our timelines, our doubts, and our fears, our vibrations will slowly begin to rise to knowledge, belief, love, peace, contentment, and happiness.

Then, we will also start becoming the vibrational match for additional positive things. This is the state that is far more favorable to attract a union.

Well, it is quite simple. We have to check whether our thought and our mental state are the vibrational matches of what we want or they are not. The single way will be letting go as only then we can raise our vibrations in order to attract something positive.

When we look at it carefully, it is only us being afraid of losing the twin flame that stopped us from releasing. And, it will be right there where we will get stuck. We will get stuck while we are vibrating at the fear’s vibration, the one that is not really favorable to manifest union.

Let Love guide you, and you will never fail.

Although letting go looks like an evident “solution” for reunion manifesting between the twin flames, what we should not forget is that they mirror one another, their patterns and behaviors of thought and action.

We should follow our gut feelings, and our intuitions, as they know more than we can permit ourselves to manifest and believe in our physical plane; we are not supposed to feel afraid of our innermost thoughts and feelings, as they are entirely pure, they are the purest ones we are ever going to meet; our feelings, our heart, our intuition, and also our soul are not going to lie to us, but our mind and ego are going to try to escape the pains at every cost.

We have to educate ourselves, but we should do that by always listening to what our intuition and heart are going to tell us, trust our guides, because we are not alone in the Universe, we should understand that.

Our twin flames are not suddenly or newly around us; there is definitely a particular reason why we usually met or recognized them. If that’s not the case, then how can we recognize a person that we never met before?

Instead of repressing and blocking our feeling, or longing for our twin flames or soulmates, we have to balance every energy between us two; we have to work on ourselves and heal our spiritual wounds, or our traumas from our childhood. We have to learn not just to love ourselves by loving other people.

We can start this all by accepting the fact that every human being on this planet needs to receive and give love, and that we are equally special as the human being that we are going to meet on our path in this world.

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