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Things You Need To Know About Reconnecting With Your Twin Flame

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by Conscious Reminder

Finding a twin flame has the power to transform your life. However, it can be a complex process and there are multiple questions associated with the term ‘twin flame’.

How will you know your twin flame? Where to look for them? What will you feel during this process? How will your relationship with your twin flame differ from the relationship you share with your soul mate?

People who felt they are being completely changed after meeting someone might have possibly met their twin flame. This is because only twin flames can alter the course of our life.

Nonetheless, the question is how do you comprehend this feeling and be certain about finding your twin flame. More importantly, where and how to seek out yours.

Lisa Vallejos, a loving guide and psycho-spiritual mentor, has said that establishing a connection with a twin flame is a high-level connection.

Nevertheless, these spiritual love links are often misunderstood by people. A twin flame is assumed to be similar to a soul mate and used interchangeably, despite being totally different concepts.

Although both the connections commonly refer to romantic relationships, the relationships might also be inherently platonic. Twin flames mostly take a life-altering relationship full of intensity that changes a person in an enduring manner.

Defining A Twin Flame

Unlike popular belief, twin flames are wildly different from a soul mate. In addition, you need not be romantically involved with your twin flame. This mainly suggests that twin flames do not need to fall in love, although they most often do. Twin flames can take the form of a friend, mentor, or close person.

Vallejos mentions that connection with a twin flame is on a spiritual level but not necessarily romantic. Moreover, once we meet them, our life takes a complete turn.

Our perspective and approach towards life shifts. We feel motivated to communicate with the divine, transform consciousness, and attain our authentic self. This entire experience is very soulful.

Relationship With Twin Flame

Spirituality is a two-way street. Additionally, relationships also take two to flourish. Finding and meeting your twin flame is bound to change your life completely as well as theirs.

Tasha Nassar, an energy healer, informed that a relationship with twin flame helps in the uniting of the divine feminine and masculine that are innately present within human beings.

Even though relationships are comprised of two people, a twin flame relationship is essentially meant to have a deep impact on us as individuals. This relationship helps us in evolving and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Nassar further adds that when the yin and yang energy unites in harmony, both the individuals achieve a higher self. As a result, they soon realize that this relationship is acutely different from any other form of relationship they have had previously with others.

How To Determine Your Twin Flame?

According to Vallejos, meeting a twin flame feels like a homecoming. When the two energies merge within us, we find a feeling of tranquillity and clarity.

She also says that twin flame often tends to have had similarly traumatic experiences in their childhood. Such deep connections indicate a reflection of souls that immediately establish a connection and find unity.

Unlike the splitting of one soul in two, twin flame gives the feeling of looking into the mirror. Furthermore, this makes twin flame relationships more challenging. Unresolved, past issues might become more intense and bigger when we suddenly come face-to-face with them.

However, this intensity builds a lifelong relationship. Twin flames help each other overcome past trauma and move forward. Both the people grow with positive emotional and mental health.

Unfortunately, not everyone finds their twin flame and should not keep looking for them. Moreover, those who do, might not have a lasting relationship which is also completely normal.

This cosmic spark will fire up when it is meant to. Your life will find meaning and a new direction when you find your twin flame.

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