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This Is How Shaolin Monks Fight the Effects of Modern Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Affordable smart phones have revolutionized the way we live in today’s world. However, they also have negative effects. They’ve made it much harder to take a break and our brains are constantly over simulated which makes them produce more cortisol which is the stress hormone.

But there is a way around this. Shaolin monks practice Zen methods that help them maintain their focus and stay calm without shunning the modern world.

Here is how they do it:

# Take small regular vacations

You don’t really have to go anywhere outside your home to escape the world. Just ensure that you take a break from your phone for at least a couple hours a day before you sleep and while you eat, exercise and meditate.

# Drink a cup of tea

Don’t turn to alcohol to drown your sorrows in. Just get a cup of nice herbal tea and you’ll feel instantly rejuvenated and energetic.

# Workout Zen style

All of us need exercise to keep us fit, both mentally and physically. Pick any routine that makes you feel good. Focus on the way your body moves and the pace of your breath and this can become your meditation as well.

# Make everything you do your last

Remember that life is short. Place yourself firmly in the present and pour your heart and soul into whatever you are doing. Drain all your energy so that you have space for new, clean energy.

# Balance Yin & Yang

You need to be both healthy and fit to be complete. Practice both exercise and yoga or meditation to keep both your mind and body developing as they should be.

# Ring the bell of now

Whenever you hear a bell ringing, no matter what kind it is, just stay still and take three deep breaths. You will become more patient and balanced.

# Little reminders

Your brain needs to be at peace to be happy so remember to nurture it well. Take time out everyday for things like a tea break, exercise, meditation and so on and you will find yourself more grounded and happy.

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