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The Zodiacs That Will Be Heavily Affected By The Spring Mercury Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

The time has come once again for a bit of mayhem in the cosmos as Mercury goes retrograde on May 10th.

It will remain so till June 3rd. This will be the second retrograde out of a total of 4 that are happening this year.

Similar to every other time, you should be ready for travel delays, tech blunders, and misunderstandings. The first part of the retrograde will see Mercury spend its time in Gemini. The latter part will be sent in Taurus which will add some stubbornness to your career and love.

Mercury rules over Virgo and Gemini and it has close associations with technology, travel, communication, and thought processes. When it runs direct, Mercury ensures these areas have no trouble. When it goes retrograde, though, it disrupts the planning process and creates confusion and communication malfunctions at almost every turn.

Its spell in native Gemini means the mischief will be especially high when it comes to communication. This means blunders on social media as well as foggy ideas. When Mercury enters Taurus, expect an insatiable itch to overspend as well as rear-ender romance.

If the Mercury retrograde is having a heavy influence on you, then there is a chance exes can stage a classic return. Also, be careful of late fees, relationship disagreements, and office drama.

Here are the unlucky 4 zodiacs who are in for a bumpy ride during this retrograde period:


Things are reaching boiling temperatures and they will do so even quicker during this retrograde. Be extra wary regarding your energy and money expenditures.

The transit is going to be a mischievous one and heavily influence your spending habits. There are very high chances of financial mishaps between May 10th and May 22nd, so always double-check every credit/debit notification.  

In the latter half, the retrograde will have a major impact on your idea of identity. It may majorly distort your self-image. During this period of negativity, try to keep yourself grounded using easily visible affirmations.


Get ready to face an existential crisis. The first part of the retrograde might raise questions regarding your purpose much more frequently than usual. Geminis may find the territory to be extremely uncomfortable. You may start feeling trapped in your thoughts. Visit nature from time to time to avoid this sensation.

In the latter part, you may feel more vulnerable when it comes to illusions and deceit. You will need to temporarily suspend social activities and give your all to healing insecurities. Try to stay out of online rabbit holes, especially on social media.


You will do well to avoid social media as much as you can during this planetary retrograde. Any misstep can turn into a huge deal with regard to your image in society. It is highly likely that haphazard social media posts will backfire massively. So triple-check your spellings and sentences when it comes to work emails and tweets.

There is intellectual danger looming as well. The Mercury retrograde can make you question everything that you know. You might end up feeling intimidated by the uncontrollable urge. There might be an urge to escape but avoid taking drastic breaks from the usual routine.


Domestic drama is on the horizon for the coming couple of weeks. Also, avoid moving homes right now because the new home might end up being a regrettable choice.

Furthermore, the planetary retrograde can also cause extreme confusion when you try to express ideas or process information. On the other hand, even if you are careful about your words, you might take others’ statements too personally.

Avoid making assumptions, keep to the directions, and clear your doubts whenever you have them.

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