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Understanding Sapiosexuality: The Journey Of Intellectual Attraction

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by Conscious Reminder

Human beings are essentially more advanced than other living creatures. Being mentally superior makes us special.

Sapiosexuality taps into this aspect of prioritizing intelligence and allows sexual attraction. This might probably result in the development of a sexual relationship.

The very word ‘sapiosexuality’ can be defined as a person who finds the human mind and intelligence as acutely attractive. The intellectual synergy between the people involved motivates a romantic relationship.

Is Mental Attraction Possible?

Usually, two perfectly compatible people find their way to each other after their souls gravitate towards one another in this wide world. This mainly emerges from mental compatibility and attraction. As a result, while speaking of this attraction that is beyond the understanding of physics, it signifies a mysterious phenomenon.

Two souls are captured and amazed at discovering their intelligence. Once they find each other, they love and care while sailing in the very same direction. According to the poet-philosopher, Rumi, these two souls find each other’s beauty in a different realm that allows the soulful connection.

Such a kind of attraction is not superficial. It gathers depth since the two people connect on a deeper level as they have more in common. Nonetheless, this certainly does not reduce the significance of physical attraction which is tremendously important in all relationships.

Attractions usually happen due to our unconscious mental processes. The body is merely a cover letter but not the end means. A perfect relationship can be established only with the perfect combination of emotional, biological, and psychological compatibility.

We do not always meet our ‘twin flame’ or ‘soulmate’. Love can magically manifest when two different yet mentally connected personalities meet in harmony. Their intellectual balance creates a powerful and enriching bond.

Intellectual Attraction Is A Journey

Dr. Raymond Knee is the director of the laboratory of Social Psychology at Rochester University. He stated that half the human population believes in soul mates. He informed that people are seeking a transcending attraction at the first glance with their right One.

Sapiosexuality is certainly a crucial pillar in the notion of a soul mate that lays emphasis on mental attraction. However, Knee explains that such profound attraction is beyond simple psychological processes related to affections, needs, or values. It requires a stronger spiritual field.

A scientific perspective definitely disregards such approaches as invalid. Sapiosexual people are usually rational people and often do not believe in magic or mysteries. Consequently, they are not looking for an end destination to settle with. Rather they need a mature personality, like themselves, who will be their trusted companion through the trials and travails of life. They prefer companionship with people who captivate their soul and mind over their bodies.

Fate Or Intention?

The process of mental attraction is an extremely intimate and rare phenomenon. Once they find their soulmate they recognize each other as one united being.

On the contrary, rational people in a romantic relationship, believe it to be a part of their emotional and mental growth. They give little importance to fate or predestination. Sapiosexual people put an effort to travel and make each other grow as people.

There must be a balance between spiritual and physical attraction to achieve a stable and authentic relationship. As we dig deeper into the consciousness of the other person we discover more instincts, chemistry, and emotions. This process is deliberate and not by chance.

Key Factors For Sapiosexual Relationship

The first and foremost factor for a mental relationship to grow and thrive is reciprocity. Maintain a positive attitude and respect for one another. Identifying important values and respecting differences will help in individual and interpersonal growth.

Try to connect on a deeper level and keep the fire burning.

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