Moving On After a Breakup: Why You Shouldn’t Hold a Grudge

by Conscious Reminder

A breakup inadvertently leads to overwhelming emotional pain. Often we are left with inner resentment when we feel deeply hurt and love becomes hate.

The person who we intensely loved suddenly becomes our greatest enemy. Furthermore, we also expect our friends to start hating the person. However, we must realize that this hatred is a form of the emotional burden that we must let go of.

Consequently, it is essential to make peace with our ex.

This article will offer 5 significant reasons to resolve issues and make peace with our ex. This is mainly because if we cling to the hate, it will leave us with negativity. Our lives and perspectives get adversely affected.

I: Drop Emotional Pain

While we are constantly afflicted by acute emotional pain and burden, we also feel a need to relieve this negative feeling. Usually, the easiest way to find this peace is to pin the blame on someone else. As a result, we blame our ex, expecting the pain to exit.

Unfortunately, the inner pain remains. We also choose to hate our ex because it is a kind of punishment for hurting us. However, this hatred ends up hurting us further and we must let go of it.

II: Hateful Energy Has Adverse Impact

Revenge and hateful feelings correspond with a higher level of negativity. When we hold onto these negative emotions, we also face long-term consequences. People involved in a negative mindset and attitude can never be happy.

Moreover, people around the person can also feel the negativity and choose to disassociate from them. The person also feels perpetually restless and unproductive. Your work also gets badly affected.

The hate basically disrupts the inner calm that can be seen physically and psychologically. This further disrupts their social world and other relationships.

III: Disassociation From Friends

The constant negativity and feelings of intense hatred towards your ex make your friends disassociate with you. People usually spend time with balanced and positive people. However, if you always whine about your breakup and spew hateful words against your ex, it drives away your friends.

You might question the loyalty of your friends. Your good friends will ask you to reflect on your approach that might lead to the severance of established friendships.

IV: Children Negative Energy Affects Children

When married couples separate and get involved in custody issues, it has a huge negative impact on the children. This further aggravates the hatred towards the partner.

Undoubtedly losing a child is a cause of immense fear and anxiety. Yet manipulating and bringing children in-between is not the solution. They feel guilty for being the cause of their parent’s separation and hatred that stays with them for a long time.

V: Prevents Spiritual Growth

Along with our emotional, mental, and physical growth, spiritual growth is immensely crucial to move forward in life. Nonetheless, a bitter breakup or separation from a loved one often prevents healthy spiritual improvements.

The spirit is not conducive to revenge, hate, or resentment. These emotions generate unnecessary anxiety and stress which stunts spiritual growth.

Ways To Resolve Issues With Ex

A: Meditation is greatly helpful in removing negative feelings and attracting inner peace. We can focus on the good things through meditation. Regular meditation practice will help us see beyond the momentary resentment and focus on the good.

B: ‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop’, so we must try new things and hobbies. Physical workout, creative classes, or an adventure will keep our minds occupied and productive.

C: When we decide on separating from our partner, we must remember to take only the good things from the relationship. This will help us move forward and be content with our life.

D: Talking with our ex about things that are afflicting us also helps in resolving the problems. Communication is often the key to happiness.

Parting Words

Negativity creates widespread vibration that drives people away from us. We must only keep the positive things from past relationships.

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