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A Mind Blowing Discovery – Water Has Memory

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by Conscious Reminder

Most of our planet is made up of water and our bodies too for that matter. You’d think that by now we’d know all that there is to know about this substance which is essential for us to stay alive.

We’ve been drinking it for millennia for sure. However, it is only recently that scientists have made what may very well be the most ground breaking and mind blowing discovery in the last thousand years. 

German researchers have found that water has the power to remember things. All these years we’ve been thinking of it as a very uncomplicated substance but this discovery may have uncovered a whole new world of possibilities.

They took some water and examined each separate drop minutely. Magnified to that extent, they could see with their own eyes that every single drop had an infinitesimal design that was wholly unique to it. Each drop could be told apart and each one had its own individual beauty to it.

A study was conducted in which a number of volunteers were asked to take a single drop of water from the same location together at the same instance. When the drops were closely examined, it was obvious that each one painted a different picture.

“Water has a memory and carries within it our thoughts and prayers. As you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world.” – Masaru Emoto

They then delved further into this research by carrying out a test in which one flower was kept in a container of water for some time. Then a drop of water from that container was separated and examined. Upon intense magnification, a fascinating design could be seen. The difference this time was that the drops no longer showed unique designs.

They all resembled each other closely. The same study was then conducted with another flower from another plant, the drops then took on a design that did not match the previous one. This proved that the design of the drops was based on which flower was placed in this water.

By doing this, scientists discovered that water can remember things and this changes the way we have perceived water all this time. They now think that as water keeps travelling, it obtains and gathers knowledge along the way from wherever it has been.

This can create a connection between those who drink the water and all the locations and tidbits of info it has picked up along the way based on where the water came from.

A fascinating discovery, it has even been viewed in the light of how our bodies are made. No one is like the other and all our DNAs are completely different from each other. More than seventy percent of our bodies are made up of water.

These studies might even go on to prove that when we cry, the tears that we shed could very well contain an imprint that is completely unique to each and every one of us which comes through all the knowledge that is stored in the water within our bodies. This knowledge would be connected to whatever we’ve been through in our lives.

This could mean that we are all linked together no matter where we are in the world and no matter how different we think we are from those around us.

All the water in the planet keeps travelling and travelling and stores up new information wherever it goes thereby weaving a complex chain and bringing us all together.

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