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How Past Life Regression Therapy Can Reveal Details From A Previous Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Often we meet a person who seems to be familiar in some way even though we have never met them before. We feel that we might have an acquaintance from our past life.

In order to know more about our past life and get answers regarding these strange feelings, we can take past life regression therapy.

This form of therapy presumes re-incarnation. It refers to the concept of our consciousness or soul that lives on across multiple lifetimes. Experts have emphasized this several times. Jim Tucker is a past-life researcher as well as a child psychiatrist.

According to him, this regression therapy emerges from the notion of our past life carrying on into another life. In addition, we have some kind of entity of our soul that passes over to the next lifetime.

Many people believe in the influence of past life memories, traumas, and also feelings in their present life. Ann Barham is an expert in regression therapy and even wrote a book on it.

She explains that numerous clients of hers were seeking answers related to their previous lives, hoping to solve the issues plaguing their present lifetime. Furthermore, their desire to explore past lives was simply to understand their relationships, themselves, and their life better.

Therapy For Past Life Issues 

Barham has mentioned in her work that when someone learns more about their past lives, it certainly helps them get a better perspective.

Such therapy helps them to look closely into the things they carried forward in their present lifetime which further helps them process their emotions and release all baggage.

On the other hand, she also informed, that our experience from our previous life may affect us in several ways that we may not be aware of.

The therapist guides us into a more relaxed state during our regression therapy session. This helps us in prompting past memories that are carried on into their lifetime. Barham has been conducting regression therapy for the past 20 years.

According to her, this will help us in identifying details regarding the kind of person we were, key events, the circumstances of that time, emotions experienced, and also the people we encountered then.

Barham further added that we may also encounter the death and rebirth events during this session. In many ways, it proves to be cathartic and we are finally able to release the emotions that have been kept repressed in the deepest corners of our mind. This helps us in removing the obstacles from our present lifetime.

Resolve Present Problems With Therapy 

Our spiritual guide usually helps us through this therapy and higher guidance leads the way to our higher self.

According to Barham, people in therapy are often induced into deep and powerful guidance that helps them obtain a significant message about their past. There are a few strategies to tap into the inner knowledge that may enlighten us about our past life:

1: Clues Related To Past Lifetimes 

The feeling of familiarity with certain people, or places are some definite clues about our prior lives. We should pursue them to acquire more knowledge about it.

2: Dream Symbolism 

Dreams are the strongest clues that often give us a glimpse of our previous lifetimes. Dreams that seem specifically realistic and vibrant represent our past lives, so we must interpret them well.

3: Seek Guidance 

Apart from therapy, we can also practice meditation and other spiritual rituals to get a more clear idea about our past lives and attain the answers we are seeking.

Although science does not support the idea of regression therapy for past lives, believers will certainly find some clues to reach definite answers.

Moreover, therapy sessions can also bring clarity of vision and better spiritual understanding. 

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