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How To Channel Your Spirit Guide

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Ever hear that little voice in your ear? Did you ever feel guided to take a different route home?

Our spirit guides communicate with us in many ways.

They’re entities who once lived a physical life on earth and many of us lived a life with them. They are our closest friends while we’re here and remain by our side to love and guide us until we return home.

They are as eager to make a connection with you as you are with them!

The interest in channeling and mediumship is growing rapidly. More and more people are curious about their spiritual guides and angels and for good reason.

With so much fear and uncertainty in the world, many are turning to their inner guidance for help, advice and comfort.

Developing a connection and relationship with your spiritual guide is not as difficult as most people think.

You don’t need to possess psychic abilities to connect with spirit.

What you will need is patience and some quiet time alone to make the connection. The benefits of channeling your guide include spiritual enlightenment, emotional healing, heightened awareness and increased creativity, to name a few.

The key to channeling is focus.

Most people have a problem with keeping their focus on one thing for any length of time. We’re always so busy running from one thing to the next and as a result, our thoughts are in constant motion.

If your thoughts tend to wander, listening to a guided meditation CD will help you tremendously.

Meditation will train your mind to become quiet. Once you’re able to train your busy brain to focus, you’ll be more successful in making a connection to your guide.

Channeling your spirit guide will not only raise your vibration and make the connection to spirit stronger, it also reinforces a friendship that was there all along. Here is an exercise that will help you connect:

Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed.

Peace and quiet are essential when connecting with spirit, so pick a place that’s just for you.

• Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor and your hands in your lap.

• Take a few deep, cleansing breaths in and out, in through the nose and out through the mouth, feel yourself relaxing.

• On the next exhale, imagine roots growing from the bottoms of your feet, down through the floor and into the ground, connecting you securely to the earth.

• As you exhale, imagine a ball of beautiful healing white light just above your head. As you breathe in and out, imagine this light slowly descending down around you to encompass your head, then your shoulders, torso, your hips, your legs and finally your feet.

• You are now surrounded with the White Light of Love and Divine Protection. You are safe, you are secure and you are protected.

• On the next exhale, imagine a beam of white light rising up from the top of your head and reach up into the sky, as high up as you can see.

• Ask your guides and angels to help you raise your vibration to more closely match theirs. This will help you to make the connection.

• Now, in the peace of the light, ask your spirit guide to come close to you. Sit quiet and pay close attention to how you feel.

• You may sense a slight chill, a tingle, a sense of warmth or vibration, or a ringing in your ears. It’s different for everyone. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything at first, for some it takes time.

• Ask your guide their name. You may hear an answer or perhaps see something in your mind’s eye. Again, be still and remain open to any response.

• When you’re done, imagine the light at the top of your head growing dim and then going dark. This will shut down your channel so it doesn’t remain open.

The more you meditate and open yourself up to channel, the better your connection will become.

If you don’t succeed at first, don’t give up. It’s different for everyone and once you make the connection with your guide, your life will never be the same!

About the Author: Lori Meyer has been studying the Metaphysical for over a decade. She has studied under many powerful and celebrated spiritual teachers including medium-clairvoyant Lisa Williams, Charles Virtue, son of Doreen Virtue and William Lee Rand.

Her free newsletter helps to bridge the gap between this world and the next by offering healing, comfort, guidance, direction and love to those in need.

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