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The Snow Full Moon In February And Its Spiritual Meaning

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by Conscious Reminder

The year’s start was a bit rocky, partly due to many retrogrades taking place. However, February’s astrology should be sparkly and smooth.

The huge climax will be when the Full Moon in February rises on February 16th, right after Valentine’s Day.

It is going to be a gorgeous lunation that will help us connect with our passions. It will also create an opportunity to release the things that are stopping us from being confident.

The Full Moon in February is also going to coincide with a few extremely special planetary alignments. As a result, expect the usual lunar energies to be even more potent.

Connecting with this lunation’s energies will be an amazing method of supercharging our goals.

The Snow Full Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

The February Full Moon traditional name according to the Farmer’s Almanac is the Snow Moon. The name is due to February having the most amount of snowfall in the US compared to every other month.

Other nicknames are the “Bony” Moon and the “Hungry” Moon. These are references to the scarcity of food during this time.

However, this lunation’s spiritual meaning is heavily associated with the challenges of scarcity and snow using the blazing heat of our hearts.

The lunation rises in fiery Leo. As such, it lights up themes pertaining to confidence, creativity, and passion.

The lunation’s spiritual meaning shows us that there is permanent warmth and abundance when we keep our flames of passion burning.

Besides the lunation, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, and Uranus will form a rare sextile aspect. This may bring unexpected revelations, blessings, and enlightening ideas.

Moreover, Mars and Venus will form a hot conjunction aspect on Feb 16th as well. This alignment will promise new romantic beginnings and give a better solid footing to relationships.

Do not doubt your heart’s direction. This lunation ruled by Leo is going to help you take full control of the power you possess.

Working With This Lunation’s Energy

This lunation will be amazing for manifesting more relationship, love, or romance magic. Love crystals are particularly effective during this period.

You can also try exploring sex magic – with a partner or alone. This period will help with all spiritual endeavors that are associated with passion and sensuality.

This will also be the first Full Moon after April 2021 when there are no major planetary retrogrades. As such, the moment is especially powerful in clearing the path to embrace Leonine confidence.

Additionally, this full moon in February will also see a square aspect formed with the Lunar Nodes. This connection will shine the spotlight on our fate.

As such, it will force us to confront the things that we ought to release and gather the courage needed to open new doors promising unknown opportunities.

A good way to connect with this lunation’s fiery vibes is by listing all the things that make us doubt ourselves. Write it by hand on paper. Then set that negative self-talk on fire in a fire pit or a heat-resistant bowl. This will be a symbol for releasing these limiting beliefs from your soul.

The momentum of the cosmos is gaining. As a result, there is cosmic energy supporting our progress during this period. So allow the full moon to light up your excitement. Let your heart be filled with hope with regards to the approaching future.

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