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Things To Do To Nurture Your Divine Masculine

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by Conscious Reminder

Our Divine Masculine stands for our unchanging consciousness. Our Divine Masculine has a connection with air and fire.

It forces us to move forward, and it is the giving force compared to the feminine receiving energy. However, cultural and sexual constructs can harm us because men are forced into suppressing their inner Divine Feminine.

The secret of being whole is balance. Honoring and understanding our inner Divine Masculine will change our approach to the necessary and dynamic energy.

Divine Masculine, as well as Feminine energies, are within every one of us. It has nothing to do with our birth sex. The universal energies also have no relation to gender identities. True masculinity stands for assertive action and power.

True femininity stands for intuition and creation. And both exist within us. Here are 5 ways Divine Masculinity can be nurtured.

1. Be The Father For Yourself

Here is a challenge, look at your inner self and thoroughly examine the wounds. Then contemplate those who were your life’s male figures. This can include male siblings, friends, or romantic partners. Try to see if you were supported or if a pattern exists among them.

Sometimes, our growth is prevented by hidden blocks. So be your own father and use action and logic to dig deep. Look closely at the wounds and contemplate the negative and positive impacts on your life by masculine energy. You can then celebrate what was good while forgiving what needs to be forgiven. Do this for yourself.

We can at least free ourselves and the people involved from the guilt and pain.

2. Engage The Warrior Within

The warrior within you is your Divine Masculine. It can stand up and protect you. The best warriors will use their minds and strategize before using domination and brute force. Your Divine Masculine is the strength within you. Think about the place that needs it the most, perhaps your self-esteem or confidence or your day-to-day struggles. Embrace the energy and confront the issues. You can try working out. It will get the physical body aligned with the type of energy that you want.

3. Teach Kindness And Boldness To Your Children

We must teach how to embody both Divine Masculine and Feminine to our children to nurture healing between them. We can do so by teaching them the qualities of acceptance, kindness, and empathy. But they must also be bold, adventurous, and assertive. This will show how the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are not subtractive. Rather, they make each other stronger. You will also remember your inner Divine Masculine daily.

4. Have A Correct Posture

Yes, the step is as simple as that. Three steps are all it takes: stick out the chest, straighten the shoulders and back, and tilt the chin up a bit. Then think about how you are feeling. Confidence and security are the embodiment of masculine energy. So correct the posture as soon as you are having a rough time at any point in the day. Imagine the Divine Masculine as the Feminine’s backbone, which moves in angles and straight lines.

5. Take Action

Knowing when you are not acting on your gifts or desire because of doubt or fear will help you. If you do not act, your ideas and dreams will never be fully realized. At one point, your intuition will tell you when the gifts you have are prepared to be presented to the world. It is up to you to answer with your readiness. Make use of the Divine Masculine and move bravely to get a hold of your destiny.

In Conclusion

The masculine and the feminine always exist with each other. There is profound healing when the two are balanced. So, integrate these two energies. You will find yourself harmonizing with the earth, yourself, and the whole universe.

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