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Chiron Retrograde: The Wounded Healer Teaches Us To Outgrow The Pain

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by Conscious Reminder

Chiron will be going retrograde on 15th July 2021. Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter are also already in retrograde.

The usual planets retrograde every year. Thus, this energy is a part of our yearly natural rhythm.

However, Chiron being added to the mix of retrograde means facing a completely new dynamic. Chiron’s energy also gets moved to the front. It is especially effective on the days when Chiron stations Retrograde and Direct, which is on 19th December.

The Power Of Chiron Retrograde

Technically, Chiron is not a planet. It is an asteroid with an orbit in-between Uranus and Saturn. However, even without being a planet, astrology considers working with its cosmic energy very significant.

Chiron was a centaur. The myth says that Chiron, being abandoned when born, had to survive on its own from a very young age. But as it grew up, it converted these wounds from a difficult upbringing and abandonment, into healing portals. Chiron’s wounds were the key to their power as a philosopher, psychic, teacher, and healer. This is the reason behind its title of a “wounded healer”.

The positioning of Chiron is also a notable point needed to understand its energy. Saturn’s energy is very rooted and grounded. Uranus, on the other hand, is considered to have higher vibrations.

The energy of Uranus can produce awakenings and an increase in kundalini energy. The centaur can be a bridge between the two consciousness states. So sometimes, it is also called the “Rainbow Bridge”. It stands for the link between two consecutive states of consciousness.

The idea is explained in greater detail in Egyptian Astrology. There, Chiron is known as Anubis or Anpu, the god overseeing lost souls and the afterlife. Similar to the centaur, Anubis was also abandoned when he was a child.

But through the difficult upbringing, he became the Underworld’s Guardian. Anubis’ job was to welcome newly dead souls as they entered the underworld. Then he would guide them in their transition into the afterlife. Anubis’ pain developed in him the loyalty, discernment, and compassion to accompany souls on this journey.

The Objective Of Chiron Retrograde Energy

The Chiron retrograde energy should not be used for achieving perfection via healing. Instead, it helps us acknowledge and accept our wounds so that we can be wiser through the experiences.

Chiron does want to heal us to make it “better”. It hopes we can learn to use these wounds to make powerful portals to power, wisdom, and knowledge. This information can be used to reach a fuller and greater potential.

This healing work level is related to transcendence, and not “fixing” ourselves so that we can be worthy. Our worthiness is already present and has no relation with inner wounds.

Since Chiron is presently in the headstrong ram sign, Aries, the energy is even more amplified. As a result, we are supported even more to have the courage, confidence, and strength that may arise with directly confronting our wounds. We must view them as potential points and not pain points. It will remind us that being strengthened, motivated, and inspired by our wounds is more beneficial.

In Conclusion

Use the Chiron retrograde energy to think about the lessons taught by your wounds. Think of them and know about them. Perhaps some judgments can be released, and you can accept the pain associated with them.

Some questions you can ask yourself are: what pains you the most presently? What are some things you learned from this pain? You can also remember a past painful wound. Then ask yourself what inspiration you gained from it. Moving forward, what other inspiration can it provide you with?

Open yourself to the potential and wisdom offered by the wounds.  

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