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First Baby Koala Born At Australian Wildlife Park After The Bushfire

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by Conscious Reminder

Times are tough, and we all know it. The world has braved through many tragedies in recent times and has remained resilient throughout it all.

The pandemic, the forest fires, the devastating storms – all feel like a signal from Mother Earth to slow down and reflect on how our activities are hurting her.

But with the recent news of the first koala baby being born, after nearly 85 percent of them were killed in the Australian bushfire, it seems like an indication of a new beginning.

Even after relentless work by the rescue force, firefighters, and civilian samaritans, many fires continued to rage in Australia for days. Consequently, it killed many animals and some humans. The animals native to the Australian bushes were ravaged. And the ones affected the most were koalas.

The Australian Reptile Park made the happy announcement through their Facebook account, saying that the cute little animal peaked through mama koala’s pouch, surprising the staffers. They also mentioned that the baby koala was named Ash, as it signals the rise of the species after the fire disaster.


Another video posted on Facebook by the wildlife park informed us that the venue is to open its gates on 1st June 2020, of course, with physical distancing measures. Even though the park was closed to visitors, many saw the happy occurrences in the park as the staff members continued to update their followers by streaming videos on their Facebook account.


Looks like our neighbors from down under are soon in for a treat to the wildlife park. Let’s hope that they all follow the precautionary measures, as they will not only endanger themselves but the rare animals too if they don’t.

While things are yet to pace up, the birth of this cute munchkin is a massive boost of hope to us all.


As per the International Fund For Animal Welfare, koalas suffered at least 5,000 deaths. Wildlife Campaigner from IFAW, Josey Sharrad, explained that koalas are especially vulnerable during the bushfires because they naturally move slow and their habitat, the eucalyptus trees, are highly flammable. Besides, the phenomenon of “crown fires”, where the fire spreads through treetops, makes it difficult for koalas to get away in time.

The birth of baby Ash signifies a historic moment, as the experts can now try and revamp the population of koalas. But, according to Dan Rumsay, the zookeeper at the Australian Reptile Park, they are still far off from their goal. And, the park will require the government and various other private organizations’ full support in their quest.


Another ray of hope shone in April when several recovered marsupials were taken back to their natural habitat. Their injuries from the bushfire were tended to in the Koala Hospital at Port Macquarie, one of its kind in the world.

Anwen, the female patient who went viral after her pictures were released, was the first one to return back home. The female koala is expected to help the species’ regeneration in the wild.

Another silver lining in these times of stress is that pollution levels across the globe are being reported to have dropped. This only affirms our belief that humans needed this break. Going forward, all we need to keep in mind is that this world of ours is not a plaything. We need to remember to take care of it. It is our collective home and haven, not just for humans, but even for the flora and the fauna of the world.

Let’s all take a moment to breathe and smile, as the baby koala’s birth is news for celebration!

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