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The October’s New Moon Solar Eclipse In Scorpio Is All About Transformation

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by Conscious Reminder

For all of us who have been enmeshed in the world of astrology, the season of eclipses can be quite transformative.

One could ideally consider them to be portals that would lead one to the next chapter in the evolution of their soul. On this accelerated platform, there is a possibility of one going through random transformations, which could be life-altering. 

It should go without saying that every eclipse will affect us differently. We may feel the effects of one intensely- while another eclipse would barely make a difference in our lives. But, if there is a slight possibility of a big soul upgrade that one would need in their life, or if one is looking towards getting on a new stone to start a new chapter, eclipses are usually the bridge that connects us to our destination. 

It should be noted that the season of eclipses brings two different eclipses that function together. While there is a peak date for an eclipse, the energy is so highly potent that one would be feeling its effects for over a month. 

Now, the final Eclipse season for this year will bestow us with two Eclipses. One of them would be the Solar New Moon Eclipse on October 25th, while the other would be the Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse on the 8th of November.

These eclipses have been functioning together with the same eclipses that we had gone through earlier in April and May. This may lead to us finding similar themes- which could also unfurl our past to a certain degree. 

The Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse Will Bring About Revelation

This New Moon Eclipse, which falls in the sign of Scorpio, will be a partial eclipse- gently opening up the energies of the Eclipse season.

Solar Eclipses, as a whole, always fall on New Moons simply because they exhibit new beginnings. They open up new doors and can also create new energetic pathways that one would be capable of traveling down. 

The energy seems to be fresh and quite inviting- solely reminding us of the journey that our soul has to undertake. Under this Solar Eclipse, there is a high possibility that we would start feeling heavily inspired or even keen to bring about new seeds and then initiate a new chapter in everyone’s lives.

Needless to say, the solar eclipse falling in the sign of Scorpio would also connect us to a far higher level of our soul. This will give us the ability to understand and resonate with ourselves on a deeper level- all the while peeling back multiple layers to create a new truth. 

One of the major galactic bodies that would be functioning at a fast rate under this Eclipse would be Venus. This is the planet of beauty, love, and heart expansion, and usually sends harmonious vibrations coursing through the cosmic skies.

With this planet entirely active during this period, we would be able to utilize the energy of the Solar Eclipse to expand our hearts, give and receive love in our lives, and also think about what we truly value through our existence. This means that we would find it quite easy to give, love, or even focus on what could be truly important to us. 

The energy from the eclipse would also allow us to gain some much-needed clarity that would be crucial for navigating the challenges that we face in our relationships. We could also be able to decide if we want to settle ourselves in a certain pattern- or open ourselves up to new experiences. 

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