5 Common Signs Of Angelic Presence

by Conscious Reminder

Angels are always around us even though we may not be aware of them.

However, in times of crisis, we reach out to them or look for angel signs to bestow their protection and growth.

Are We Good At Receiving Angel Signs? 

Since childhood, we have heard about these winged beings that have a halo over their head and bring benevolence and spirituality into the lives of all human beings. Angels are known to us as the messengers of God himself. As a result, it is of utmost importance to us that we must try to have a good reception of them and their blessings and messages.

Angels are very dedicated to our well-being and serve to bring success and happiness in our life. Hence, there are numerous signs that indicate their support and encouragement. The only thing we need to do is be observant and embrace their message by allowing their positive energy to flow through our life.

5 Classic Signs From Angels 

I. Feathers 

Angels are divine beings and are normally known to have feathered wings that are a clear indication of their presence and signals. In addition, white feathers are a symbol of purity and good luck. On the other hand, many people in different parts of the world believe that colored feathers might also be an angel sign depending on the color.

For instance, an orange feather may symbolize the Archangel Gabriel who looks after sacral chakra that controls sexuality and creativity and is represented by the color orange. Any feather with black tones may be a sign of something evil and we must remain alert against anything bad. Color combinations are very important and we must be mindful of the colors that surround us.

II: Numbers 

Numbers are all around us and there are some numbers like 12:12, 11:11, 4:44, and others that have a special meaning. Sometimes we keep seeing triple digit figures recurring, which certainly means that the angels are asking us to take a break from work and prioritize one aspect in life. We must try to figure out which area in our life is being neglected and focus on that. Although it sounds easy when explained, in real life it is much more difficult to understand this process. There are many numbers that suggest various things and we must make the effort to learn more about them in order to understand the angel signs better.

III: Music 

Music is a very crucial element in human life and can bring about many changes. It is so powerful that it can bring back many good or bad memories or make us feel strongly about anything. Music is associated with a season or time or person or festival. From the perspective of the angels, music can also be a form of message that must be conveyed to us directly. If we pay attention, music can be a significant angel sign for us.

IV: Power Of Breeze 

The power and direction of the winds can mean several important things and point to something that needs our attention. Angels often control the breeze to convey any important message to us.

V: Wing Slap 

The wing slap is a message that is repeatedly sent to us because we are not paying full attention to it. Often we find a small incident happening to us over and over again. We must clear our mind and pay close attention to it because it may have a deeper meaning.

Closing Note 

Apart from these 5 classing signs of the angels, there are many other kinds of signs. Nonetheless, they mean nothing if we fail to pay proper focus and manifest them in a positive manner. Angels are always looking after us and every message they send is crucial and requires our complete focus.

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