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Virgo Season Through Dates: Take It Easy

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by Conscious Reminder

The Virgo Season will start soon after 22/23rd August’s Full Moon in Aquarius. This season will be a more grounded change to Leo Season’s fiery energies.

The virgin, of Virgo, stands for inner strength, independence. It also symbolizes the knowledge that Source energy – that energy which forms the Universe, forms us as well. The Virgo energy reminds us that the entire Universe is contained in our human shell.

Virgo stands for resourcefulness as well. Its gift is in using everything to its best potential. It can show us ways to satisfy ourselves permanently, and not just temporarily.

This season, all of Leo’s fiery energy that boosted our confidence can be used to fuel self-care. Thus, find our independence, boots out productivity, and have the knowledge that all the answers are already within us.

Take a look at 2021 Virgo Season’s key dates:

22nd August: Sun Moves Into Virgo

Following the Full Moon in Aquarius, the Sun will move into Virgo soon after. The transition will see the fiery energy of Leo dissipate. As a result, we might slow down as well as narrow our focus. This is a perfect time for organizing, clearing the clutter, as well as having healthy relations with independence.

23rd August: Venus Trine Saturn Rx

The energy is subtle, but it is sort of an extra bit of niceness. Venus rules money while Saturn may indicate steady financial success. So, this energy will favor creating “profits”. If you were planning any investments or sales, then you might find support in this energy. It is also good for balancing and stabilizing relationships, workplace ones especially.

29th August: Mercury Enters Libra/Moon Wobble

Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury enters Libra on this day. In Libra, the planet will encourage diplomatic, considerate, and fair communication. We might also be inspired to change how our space looks.

We are also having a Moon wobble on the day. This happens when the Nodes of the Moon and the Sun become squared. This can cause instabilities like extreme patterns in the weather.

6th September: Virgo New Moon

The New Moon will offer mixed energies. Uranus and Mars will be active. So we might be spontaneous, energized, and all set to try things we had longed to try for some time. However, another deeper energy might make us prefer alone time, to confront our shadows or heal some wounds. This is Nessus, an asteroid’s energy. Astrologically, it stands for the need to resolve ancestral traumas, work through abusive patterns, and face the darkest shadows.

10th September: Venus Enters Scorpio

Venus entering watery Scorpio may make us feel extra sensitive to our emotions. It can offer energies that make connecting with our sensual desires easier.

14th September: Mars Enters Libra

This is one of the key themes of the coming month. Mars will also be in conjunction with the Sun during this time. A heavy dose of Mars energy may result in increased productivity, a boost in energy levels, and being fearless while pushing ahead. However, it might also trigger heated emotions. We might be led into burnout if we are careless regarding our resources. This is the time to balance working with the masculine, fiery energy.

20th September: Pisces Full Moon

The Pisces Full Moon will ask us for self-care and quiet reflection. Things might be deceiving, or our clarity might be clouded by foggy energies. But this Full Moon energy will be a reminder to trust intuition. There might be a treasure chest of discoveries if we successfully make it through the inner world.

22/23rd September: Sun In Libra/Equinox

This marks Virgo Season’s end. The day preceding the Equinox is when we will find it easier to connect with natural healing powers. It is also a powerful time for doing rituals.

The 2021 Virgo Season is fairly quiet. Its energy will be gently guiding us while we navigate through this astrological year’s halfway point. 

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