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The Soul & The Choices We Make On Earth

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Soul Is Always Waiting…

Whenever you make a choice on this planet that affects your soul negatively, you will be aware of it because you will feel like you’ve been caged or jailed or just a deep sense of unhappiness.

But the soul also has the knowledge that there are times when you had no other choice except for what you ended up choosing.

The oppression that you will feel because of that sense of discontent and the divide inside yourself will help you become strong, bright and more self-aware.

You will feel a connection to yourself like you never have before. You will be able to reveal your true self to the world without refusing yourself an opportunity to be who you are.

All these extra turns that your karma takes and the caging of your spirit will give you the chance to break through and feel like a complete person. You will glow with all the light and power that is in you and your soul is waiting for this to happen.

You will be taken to the very brink and just when you accept that you are going to have to fall or even when you are in the process of falling, you will be caught and a gentle, loving voice will whisper to you:

“Now I caught you. I’m not letting you go anymore. Because, whether we want it or not, we belong to each other. This is our destiny. Let’s make peace with this and go out into the world complete, whole, radiating all this joy of reuniting with each other.”

The soul is always there, biding its time patiently. It will never blame you for the things you choose. Like the Divine, it will love you unconditionally and you will be able to feel its power.

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