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Twin Flame Reunion – This Is How To Get Back Together After Being Separated

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Ever felt a strange ethereal connection with another human being? Ever felt the connection was stronger than conventional romantic bonds? Like it was predestined for you two to meet and all these years you were just looking for each other in other people and failing?

If the answer on your tongue is yes, you have probably met your twin flame. Someone with whom your connection is so strong that it’s almost transcendental.

But that doesn’t mean the outcomes of such encounters are always rosy and honey. Relationships with someone you might consider your twin flames might end too.

People leave all the time.

What are some of the things that make your twin flames run all of a sudden?

Some reasons include, them not realising that you two are meant to be together, them not understanding the gravitas of the relationship, them confusing love for just a fling etc. But some other graver reasons might be something like them not being able to come to terms with the breach of privacy despite being in love.

Because breaches of privacy come with every relationship. We just call it by names like “I am not ready for that kind of commitment.”

So some of those reasons might explain your case.

However, we aren’t here to discuss that. We are here to talk about what you can do to get over this predicament.

Let’s consider these options.

1. Stop following them or chasing them around:

And this includes “bumping into them” on purpose. This is a particularly difficult thing to do, but try to. Also, and most importantly, this includes a strict no-stalking-on-social-media clause.

2. Give yourself time:

It is very easy to think you were flawed and not do anything but blame yourself. That is stupid. Instead, retrospect, introspect and reflect. Find what you are doing wrong and why you are doing it wrong. Then and only then will you be able to stop doing it.

3. Meditate and focus:

Focus on your life. Improve. Become self-sufficient. Learn to live. Learn to re-ignite the flame in you, before looking for another twin.

P.S: If they were really your twin flame, they will return and stay.

P.P.S: Give it time.

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