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Mercury Retrograde In Libra September 26th – October 18th

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by Conscious Reminder

2021’s final Mercury Retrograde will start on 26th September. It will end on 18th October in airy Libra.

Throughout this year, Mercury has gone retrograde via air signs, giving rise to a theme. Air signs are very comfortable for Mercury. This may strengthen the planet’s retrograde energy being felt for a while now.

Mercury retrograde does not have a good reputation, but this is a normal and natural phase of its cycle. Embracing it will bring us closer to the energy’s lessons and gifts.

Mercury Retrograde Is A Time To Look Inwards

When Mercury goes retrograde, its energy gets directed inwards. Being the planet ruling over communication, this becomes a time when we are asked to connect with the subconscious within us. During the retrograde, the planet’s focus is on helping us receive messages whose origin are realms that are unseen and within us.

Mercury going retrograde via air signs has resulted in a theme being created regarding our style of communication. Pause and think if and how your style of communication has changed during this year.

Thinking of this while seeing through the throat chakra perspective may help. This powerful center of energy sits in the throat, and helps us speak, express, and share our stories and truth. This chakra is an excellent center of energy for giving attention to while Mercury is going retrograde, especially in one of the air signs.

Since this retrograde is taking place in Libra, relationships or the manner in which we communicate may get the focus as well. Libra stands for partnership. It also represents our relations and interactions with those around us. During this retrograde, issues in these areas may be highlighted.

Ask yourself about what needs to be changed so that you can communicate better in your relationships. Think about if more boundaries are required, or if there are too many walls and some need to come down.

The energy of the September-October Retrograde of Mercury can be used to think about such questions. And, as a result, figure out better ways of communicating and sharing your feelings and thoughts in a relationship.

This cosmic event is a fantastic time for connecting with dreams as well. Dreams can function as portals to the subconscious mind. Mercury may often leave us messages in dreams.

Taking It Slow Is Essential

This is this year’s final Mercury retrograde, and it will feel strong when starting with it. A part of the reason is that including Mercury, there will be 6 planets going retrograde.

That is very strong energy from retrogrades! As a result, the pace may feel like slowing down. Or, we might need to retrace a few of our steps before we can progress.

It is always important to reduce the pace when Mercury is going retrograde. It is even more important now because of the other planets. Instead of leaping forward, think about the lessons we can get from our past. This is a time to foster our patience while waiting for the correct inspiration to come and find us.

However, Mercury retrograde supercharges our intuition. So, if your heart is driving you and leading you somewhere, follow it with confidence.

This Mercury retrograde can also make us revisit the themes of 2021 June. Mercury was previously in retrograde during June, and that was especially strong. Themes that cropped up then, may reappear now. Or, any mishaps during that period may finally have a resolution.

Mercury will not be entering another retrograde until the beginning of next year.  

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