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Libra New Moon Rising October 6: Balance Needed More Than Ever

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by Conscious Reminder

October will have lots of cosmic changes and shifts. The Libra Moon will help to start many of the experiences we can expect from the rest of the month.

The Libra New Moon will take place on 6th October 2021. On that day, Libra will play host to 5 cosmic bodies. This means a stellium will be formed which will make us strongly aware of the air element. The stellium in Libra will consist of Mars, Mercury, Moon, and the Sun.   

Air is the ruler of how we think. It can be a source of inspiration and new perspectives. A strong air can also kick up change, and encourage us to be more accepting of new opportunities or possibilities.

Balancing The Scales During The New Moon

The energy of Libra focuses on finding balance and seeing both sides of an issue. Libra’s gift is balancing the scales and making everyone feel their share is fair. If we go a bit deeper, the energy has to do with collaboration. It involves working harmoniously with everything in life – others, nature, etc.

Strong Libra energy tends to make us feel like compromising or tilting the scales so our loved ones can prosper. Most of the time, this is alright. But be careful of losing yourself and compromising too much for others’ sake.

If you tend to people-please, or constantly feel that you are always treated unfairly, then the Libra New Moon may ask you to wake up and reclaim the power to balance your life’s scales.

The Libra New Moon will have Mars particularly active. Mars’ presence may be a good motivator to make breakthroughs by pushing past fears. Our emotions can also be activated and heightened by Mars. If there are areas where it feels like too much has been given, the New Moon may trigger these emotions.

As with all other New Moons, this one will also be an ideal time for making changes and starting new habits. So, if your life has things that no longer work, then this will be a great time for shifting and balancing your life.

Use Mars’ driving force to make courageous and bold decisions. Remind yourself of your worthiness to receive while having the energy and stamina to give as needed. The Universe has limitless, boundless love. You can receive and give it equally.

Jupiter And Pluto Will Also Have An Impact

Jupiter will also be active during the Libra New Moon. The planet is currently retrograde in Aquarius. Jupiter represents abundance. It reminds us that balanced scales mean there will always be enough for everyone. This world has many imbalances and injustices. But creating balance can start from within us.

If you think your life lacks abundance, then try to move your mind to a gratuitous place. Try to find a silver lining in all your challenges. If you think there has been too much, then try finding ways of sharing and giving away some resources. This New Moon is an amazing time for connecting with abundance.

On the day of the New Moon, Pluto will station direct as well. The planet stands for rebirth and transformation. Sometimes, long-lasting and deep endings can happen during this period. But the only purpose behind them will be rebirthing them. Pluto’s energy is very subtle but is activated by the Libra New Moon will be a good chance to look at our transformations.

October will be a month where we will be busy. The Libra New Moon will apparently reflect that. There will be many energies that you can enjoy and work with. But, at the end of the day, the new lunar cycle promises to create balance, abundance, and opportunities.

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