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Buckle Up: 6 Planets Are Retrograding And Mercury Just Joined As A “Lucky” Number 7

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by Conscious Reminder

Astrology says that retrogrades are necessary for life. As anxiety-inducing as they can be, there’s no escaping the backward movement of planets.

The best part about it is planetary retrogrades are chances to introspect, lay low, and resolve the loose ends.

The worst part is that some of the most frustrating and awkward situations imaginable might be headed your way. On top of that, there’s a whopping 7 planets that have been retrograding in September.

Now, the number may sound very high, but it is not a reason to panic. Most of them are outer planets – planets that retrograde for almost 6 months in a year. As such, most of their impacts have been quite low. The only cause for genuine concern is the Mercury retrograde.

Here are the basics of the retrogrades that have been happening in September.

Pluto (27th April To 6th October)

Pluto represents rebirth and death. By stationing retrograde, it initiates an inner transformation phase. Pluto retrograde is known for encouraging people to gradually release things that can be replaced by something new.

The planet also rules over darker impulses, manipulation, and control. During this time of retrograding, the structures behind these powers often get revealed. At times, they may even get dismantled.

Saturn (23rd May To 10th October)

The planet has an incredibly heavy hand and fosters maturity, responsibility, and discipline. But when it is retrograding, it is a time for the relaxation of the rules.

The intense scrutiny of the planet is much laxer now. You can reassess your ethics at work and the effort you have put in during this retrograde.

Jupiter (20th June To 18th October)

Jupiter represents spontaneity, wisdom, adventure, and expansion. The planet enhances everything, making them feel stronger and louder.

But when it retrogrades, the wildness gets much tamer, and the flamboyance gets toned down to becoming modest. But, this planetary retrograde is known for encouraging spiritual expansion and internal growth.

Neptune (25th June To 1st December)

Neptune is the ruler of the power of transcending reality – your subconscious, intuition, and imagination. But it can also make you very gullible and make everything sound believable, which can foster feelings of disorientation and illusion.

When the planet is going retrograde, some illusions might get stripped. You should have more clarity regarding the truth of your surroundings.

Chiron (15th July To 19th December)

Chiron is technically an asteroid, but it is considered a planet in astrology. It has an intrinsic connection to your insecurities and vulnerabilities. It both reveals them and shows you ways of healing them.

During a Chiron retrograde, you are encouraged to look deeper into yourself and accept all your ignored emotional struggles. This period can be an amazing healing experience.

Uranus (19th August To 18th January, 2022)

Uranus stands for futuristic thinking, individuality, and unpredictability. But when the planet stations retrograde, Uranus’s intense instability is a lot more subdued.

Rather, the planet has been encouraging inward change by being brave enough to accept your genuine personality. This planetary retrograde has been all about learning how to be independent.

Mercury (27th September To 18th October)

This is possibly the most troublesome of all the retrogrades. This planet rules over transportation, logic, and communication. Naturally, such a planet retrograding always tends to throw things off track. You just keep saying wrong things at wrong places at wrong times.

Appointments are forgotten; malfunctions and delays seem to keep popping up. Ultimately, this is one of the worst times for starting new projects. But it is a perfect time for going back to ones left unfinished.

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