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Scorpio Season Through Dates: Welcoming Eclipse Season

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun will leave Libra and enter Scorpio on 22nd/23rd October 2021 (depending on your time zone).

As this season starts, we will be feeling the energies of change and transformation rising.

Scorpio, the sign, represents metamorphosis and transformation. This year will also mark the Eclipse Season’s beginning.

Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix. The Scorpion has a strong association with rebirth and death. The Eagle represents an aerial vantage point, as well as a shift in perspective.

Finally, we all know about the mythical Phoenix being one of the strongest symbols of the old giving way to the new. Scorpio energy is all about a journey of metamorphosis. All zodiac signs can embrace this energy during Scorpio season.

Here are the most important dates to keep note of during the 2021 Scorpio Season.

22nd/23rd October: Scorpio Season Begins

Scorpio Season will be a great time for focusing on making changes that transform your life. You can also explore your mental or psychological health, and strengthen your intuition using divination tools.

31st October: Rising of the Pleiades/Cross-Quarter Day/Halloween

Halloween has its roots in Samhain, a pagan festival honoring the rebirth and death cycle. It is also called the Cross-Quarter Day – it is the midway point observed between the approaching Solstice and the past Equinox.

This is also when the star system called the Pleiades begins rising in the East Sky. Our ancestors observed this rising as a period for honoring the rebirth and death cycle as well as paying homage to the passed loved ones.

1st November: Numerology

This day will unlock the code 111 in numerology – it is the 11th month’s 1st day. 111 is also an angelic number. It indicates positive energy, new beginnings, and that spirit guides and angels are close to you.

It can also suggest that a fresh chapter might be starting in your life that is truer with your soul’s destiny. 111 is a number that indicates protection as well. It can imply that divine protection is looking after you during your current journey.

2nd November: Shadow Period Of Mercury Ends

The last Mercury retrograde for 2021 ended on 18th October. But it won’t be until this day that the planet gets back to full speed and strength. It should infuse you with fresh energy, particularly when it comes to contracts, technology, and communication.

4th November: The Super New Moon In Scorpio

The cosmic skies will be filled with watery energy during the Scorpio New Moon. This energy is intuitive, soft, and will make us go with the flow. It is a beautiful energy for working with.

However, another dynamic is brewing that can make us feel stagnant or obsessive regarding a situation. Stagnant water results in contamination eventually. So, remember to not be too rigid or stubborn while thinking.

5th November: Venus Enters Capricorn

Venus’ present retrograde, from 19th December, has made Venus return to Capricorn for the second time in 2021, where it will stay until 2022 March. Carefully observe any themes surrounding your finances and relationships that are coming up now.

These are probably indicators of what will happen during the Venus retrograde. You can look back at the previous Venus retrograde (2018 October to November) for the themes that you can work on now.

11th November: 1111 Numerology

1111 is among the number codes that have the most power. It indicates spiritual advancement, awakening, and the proximity of angels. It can suggest that your present direction is correct, or that your consciousness is about to experience a huge leap.

19th November: Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Taurus

The Partial Taurus Lunar Eclipse is Scorpio Season’s highlight. The last Taurus Eclipse was in 2014.

Lunar Eclipses are portals for endings, closure, and culmination. It can make emotions run high, as well as turn our lives upside down occasionally.

Also, keep in mind that Eclipses are known for accelerating time and bringing destined events closer. Mars and Saturn will also both be active, so expect some volatility. 

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