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No-Bullshit Spirituality For The Modern Mystic

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder 

Whether you call yourself New Age, holistic, spiritualist, or something else, there’s no rule book for following your own path. You don’t have to pledge to the sandal and candle allegiance, stop shaving, bin your deodorant, and vow never to raise your voice. I mean, it’s 2022. Let’s all get real for a mindful minute.

In the pursuit of zero-bullshit spirituality for all modern mystics, I’m here to act as your spiritual personal assistant. Here are my five top tips to help you get in tune with your personal spirituality in a shortsighted world.

1. Go smudge yourself.

Think of this practice as a scrub-down for your soul, refreshing your energy, mood, and attitude. Smudging (also known as spiritual cleansing) takes many forms. You can balance your chakras in an Epsom salt bath, take a swim in an ocean or a lake, or — for the more adventurous modern mystic — use a white sage smudge stick to rid your energy and aura of anything negative or visit a Reiki healer.

2. Get fierce with quartz.

Diamonds are so 1950s. Seriously. That isn’t an erect nipple I’m sporting. It’s an amethyst crystal down my bra. Quartz is an energy-cleansing stone you can find in obsidian necklaces, onyx rings, or jade bracelets. Think of them as gemstone knuckle-dusters — they bust up negative shit that tries to get in your way.

Different kinds of crystals serve different purposes, promoting protection, healing, happiness, and love. Just choose what resonates. Embrace what feels right, what you think is beautiful. It’s a protective talisman that does your bidding. Bring it.

3. Get aligned with your (mental/emotional) lunar cycle.

They don’t call them lunatics for no good reason. Full moons can make us all full-blown cray-cray. Do yourself a favor and calendar that shit. When you start to pay attention to your automatic responses to full and new moons, you can use that information to your advantage. Interpret what those moons may mean for your energy and relationships.

What you would usually dismiss as a hormonal meltdown can now be diagnosed as a lunar eclipse of your spirit. It pays to be prepared for the crazy.

4. Give your aura a makeover.

We exercise our bodies and challenge our minds. Why would we ignore the health of our souls? Make a point of nourishing your soul. Feed it through self-development books, meditation, and practicing yoga. This will hone your intuition, align you with your true self, and bolster the light you shine toward others, helping you to radiate even more positive vibes. Dang, your soul is fine!

5. Enlighten the f*ck up.

As a modern mystic, you are already a conscious soul. Practice your tolerance, share your wisdom, and spread your love. Be mindful and respectful of the fact that not everyone embraces spirituality, and those who do are at different stages of their spiritual development. It’s not up to you to save anyone else. Focus on your journey. Focus on your spiritual development. Don’t get distracted by someone else’s journey, lessons, or life path. Pursue the things that fuel your soul. And, most importantly, don’t sweat the small stuff.

You are human.

Sometimes you need a reminder to enlighten the f*ck up. That’s OK. Go easy on yourself as you grow spiritually. We’re all just trying to find our way the best that we can.

All you need to be is the best that you can.

Rock on.

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