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The Behavior Of A Twin Soul Compared To The One Of A Karmic Partner

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We share the identical core wounds with our twin flames, although our way of dealing with them may be entirely different. The acting out and behavior from a real twin are always the act of his or her ego and fear.

The process of ascension may trigger the purifying of every single thing which is not aligned up with the soul’s truth; hence the ego has to be released. In fact, it may also create huge damage when every block is pushed up to its surface.

Of course, it depends from one pair to another how much baggage or ego they carry. So, the behavior that can be seen with a lot of twin flame pairs is denying love, connection, pushing away, running or ignoring.

However, regardless of what happens, they are always going to return – our souls seek one another all of the time. So, they are going to release the baggage as they have to. Both of us blueprinted this journey, so our souls work with us and push us to release.

This unconditional love which we share with our twin flames is more than pure, and we understand love more profoundly when we are with them. Real twin flames are never going to be physically or emotionally abusive, as it is psychologically damaging too.

A twin flame that ignores us or tells us that he or she doesn’t love us is hurtful and not harmful. An individual that destroys our psychological wellbeing or controls us in a way that is abusive will be a fake twin flame. 

Although we can sometimes be in confrontations and fights with our twin flames, and the situations were quite intense for each other, we will never call one another names.

We sometimes disappointed one another, or ignored one another, we were frustrated or annoyed with one another, and out twin flame can even deny his or her love for us because they are afraid.

Some people don’t believe in fake twin flames because they believe that a thing like fake soul connection does not exist. If a person was not our twin soul, he or she was probably our karmic partner or twin flame catalyst.

These kinds of twin partners may resemble the real soul that has similar personality traits – because they trigger our wounds and our relationship may be intense too. However, we are not identical soul too. We don’t merge with those souls into sacred unions.

The love, telepathy, depth, pull, heart opening or mirror and also the fact that they are us is also different. We are identical twin flames in an energetic and spiritual sense, in completely balanced feminine and masculine energies. It is the journey beyond the human experience so that we can feel it.

We are not able to escape, run, or even hide from one another. We both go through the same journey, experience signs, and we are being pushed or triggered to release and heal – however, we don’t have to go through it simultaneously.

Our souls strive for harmonious unions, and we are never going to have such unions in karmic/catalytic/toxic relationships. When we heal ourselves, we assist our twin flame too, as of the connection we share.

A karmic or toxic partner is usually very abusive, outgoing, highly manipulative too, and he or she never really cares about us. Most of the twin flames are quite sensitive, pulling inwards with their emotions.

Also, they love us profoundly, and they are afraid for us, as they really care about us behind the walls. Instead, karmic partners will never care, and they will never return if they are not interested in us anymore.

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