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Healing Is A Lifelong Process, But You Are Not Alone

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

If a broken ankle heals once it does not mean that it will not need healing again.

But the healing process of others can make it seem permanent. However, that is not the case. Rather we should think of healing as a process that is always ongoing.

What Is Healing?

Tearing a ligament or catching a cold needs some type of healing. These circumstances have a purpose: they are there to make us “heal” ourselves at times when we probably are not caring for ourselves properly. These circumstances give us a chance to know and think about our “inner world”.

For instance, after recovering from an illness, how often have we returned to the habits that made us fall sick originally? Healing’s purpose is to make us aware of how our inner world is concerned with our outer world. The rest will be done in the physical world, thus making healing a continuous process.

The process of healing is uncomfortable. It forces us to deeply assess how well we have cared for ourselves, as well as if our self-care has resulted in our present situation. In a lot of cases, healing is perceived to be negative because we think it means something has gone wrong. But this is an incorrect belief.

Rather, to heal is to learn in a sense. It is a way of moving towards expansion in the world. Healing is a chance for transmuting “negative” situations into something beneficial for your individual growth. All of us have gone through a traumatic or “negative” experience at least once. Everyone needs healing. But to truly start on our healing journey, we must be honest with ourselves. This is difficult for many to accept.

But there is a good side to this: we do not need to take the healing journey by ourselves. Lots of support is available both offline and online. One of the best things is connecting ourselves with individuals who are like-minded. Friends or family whose journey is not similar will possibly not resonate with our journey.

The collective often wants to maintain the mindset of the “victim” without dealing with their situation. It becomes easier for them to blame others for it to “move” on. However, these emotions and events keep circulating until they are addressed. The reality is that all circumstances and events have come with valuable lessons.

How To Approach Healing As An Ongoing Process

The first step is to be patient. As difficult as it is, this is beneficial for any journey we take. We should not force ourselves through events quickly or suppress emotions.

The second step is realizing that having all the answers is not needed to start the journey, neither will we have them. Starting will automatically make answers appear gradually.

We can make use of communities on the internet or offline. We can often get different perspectives by discussing with people who are experts when it comes to finding guidance.

Being creative is another important aspect. It will help in expressing lessons and emotions that you have encountered during the healing journey. Poetry, painting, and journaling are all great ways of releasing our feelings and making something with a creative meaning using them.

Finally, healing is our personal choice. We have to go through the process and no one else does it for us, just as only we are accountable for our actions. Simply starting off on the journey is a huge step regarding our personal transformation, and it deserves celebration.  

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