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Real Orbs Or Dust Particles? Your Camera Can Help You Tell The Difference

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The budding hunter of orbs in you can often get tricked by pictures of orbs. How will you understand if certain spherical objects in a photograph are real orbs or not?

More often than not, in our tech-savvy society, we come across photographs where light is manipulated to imitate an orb.

There is a subculture of interested people who dedicate their own time to hunt down the spirits in the orbs when they are visible to us. Yet, even these experts recognize how rare the spirit sightings can be.

Here is our guide with which you can differentiate between the real and fake orbs, if and when you come across them.

In Photographs

Most of the witnesses who claim to have seen the balls of light usually see them just once. Photographs are available, but they are rarely genuine.

The best possible way to capture true orbs is by knowing your own camera and experiencing it.

There are many things which are invisible to our eyes but will be visible under a camera’s lens. Hence many use this reasoning as to why orbs appear more in photographs but are not seen enough with the naked eye.

But then, this could also imply that cameras have the capacity to make natural things appear supernatural. For example, many bugs often appear to be orb-like in cameras as do dust particles and raindrops. Plant pollen also can have this effect.

So you must go out and capture such particular things which tend to trick the camera. Experience with them will help you distinguish the real orbs later. One important thing to remember is to not use the lash. Reflections can often be deceiving.

Signs Of A Real Orb

Once you have a hang of the camera, you have to earn to spot the real orbs. A few signs include

1. It can be seen with the naked eyes

2. Pulsating orbs emit their own light

3. There are deliberate movements, unlike insects

4. Singular orbs are more likely to be the true ones. Fake ones are produced in multiples.

5. Orbs often leave a trail of light behind them. Insects too can do the same though.

The best way to be sure is to see if most of the abovementioned signs match with what you are witnessing. The more photographs you can manage, the higher the chances of recognizing a true spirit.

You can start by going through a collection of both true and fake photographs to master the art of recognizing the true orbs.

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