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2021 Sagittarius Season Through Dates: Ending The Year On A Lighter Note

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by Conscious Reminder

On 21st/22nd November, the Sun will be entering fiery Sagittarius.

During this season, the Universe will be calling us to explore our shadows as well as make peace with some deeper and darker emotions. It might make us feel like we are being turned inward and stepping back from the outside world.

This season will also have this year’s final Eclipse, Venus Retrograde as well as much more. Here are the most important dates.

21st/22nd November: Beginning Of Sagittarius Season

As the Sun enters fiery Sagittarius after exiting watery Scorpio, we might feel a burst of curiosity, adventurousness, and expressiveness. We might search for new information, or try to tell others about our story. Sagittarius stands for the student and the teacher. So we may find ourselves in these roles during this season.

23rd/24th November: Moon Wobble

A Moon Wobble happens in-between two Eclipses. During this time, we might feel that our balance is off a little bit. We might question our past ways, or confront our past. A Moon Wobble can cause pivotal events or sudden change. The best thing would be to let everything settle for some days, especially if indecisiveness plagues you. A Moon Wobble is also a great time to do manifestation work, and it has an association with strong patterns in the weather too.

28th November: Sun And Mercury Aligns

This will be the start of a new Mercury energy cycle. Astrology calls this a superior conjunction. It will be renewing Mercury’s energy and, in turn, our mental processes can feel renewed as well. Our thought process may gain clarity, or gain new perspectives.

29th/30th November: Sun And Vesta Aligns

Vesta, the asteroid of the goddess of Fire and Hearth, will be aligning with the Sun. Vesta’s symbol represents our inner independence burning bright. She also stands for sexual liberation as well as encourages sexual expression. Its enhanced energy can be used for embracing sexuality, finding independence, as well as connecting with our personal knowledge.

30th November: Sextile Between Venus And Neptune

November will end with a harmonious and beautiful alignment between Venus and Neptune. Its gentle energy is beneficial for soothing the heart, practicing self-care, and cherishing our loved ones,

1st December: Neptune Stations Direct

Neptune will be going direct after retrograding since 25th June. This moment will have a strong sense of energy encouraging progress. This change in direction can bring creative bursts, intuitive insights, as well as clarifying things that have been cloudy for a while.

3rd December: Total Solar Eclipse Sagittarius New Moon

This is the Sagittarius Season’s main event. This will also be the final Eclipse of the Gemini/Sagittarius cycle that had begun in 2020 June. As such, it will possibly reward our efforts. Eclipses are typically accelerators that help in attaining a new consciousness state. But this Eclipse’s energy will make us find solid ground.

11th December: Venus And Pluto Aligns

This alignment will continue for longer than usual because of the approaching Venus Retrograde. This energy combination can cause relational or financial power struggles. If something or someone is holding you back or stifling you, then this energy can push you into taking action. This energy is also helpful for transforming relationships.

18th December: Full Moon in Gemini + Sun At Galactic Center

The final full moon of the year will be happening exactly on the other side of the Center of the Galaxy. The energies of the Center of the Galaxy will cause expansion, and help us in connecting with our inner galaxies. We might feel more associated with starseed origins as well.

19th December: Venus Retrograde

This will be Venus’ direction till 29th January, 2022. During this time, matters of our hearts may surface. It may also highlight our relationships while forcing us into taking action while being aligned with greater love. For relationships past their time, this time can conclude matters. This energy can also stir money matters.

20th December: Day Preceding The Solstice

On this day, astrology believes that the planet’s energy grid harmoniously aligns. This will increase Nature’s as well as our bodies’ healing potential. Tapping into this can be done by spending time with Nature, doing meditative practice, or by just setting intentions.  

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