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Signs, Symbols, Synchronicities: The How, The Why, The What’s In It For Me?

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“Like a magnet, we are pulled toward our purpose with signs, intuitions and synchronicities.”  .

∼ John Holland

The Language of the Guides

We all hear about signs, symbols and synchronicities but…what are they and what do they do in my life?

Before diving in, let’s understand that signs, symbols and synchronicities are evidence that your non-physical spiritual guidance team (Spirit Guides, committees, angels and loved ones) is with you and providing you with guidance, assistance and protection. Know that you have your “community” who wants to support, protect and communicate with you.

Signs are the means by which the universe (of non-physical entities) communicates with you to send you assistance, love, guidance and help you during your journey. It’s the language of your guides.

Symbols are evidence that we see in our lives and assign meaning to them so that they make sense to us. Examples, although objects and means by which they are sent are personal in nature; they can be numbers, letters, animals, birds, songs, physical objects, mythical creatures, people, clouds, advertizing, conversations, television, personal objects or possessions.

Synchronicities are people, places or events that your soul has attracted into your life to learn lessons on your spiritual path or to encourage you with your life purpose. Synchronistic events are when your inner experience (dreams, visions, or “knowings”) prepares you for a physical event. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist/psychotherapist and founder of analytical psychology, believed that when no causal connection between two events can be demonstrated but where there is a meaningful relationship between the two, there is a different type of principle operating which he called “synchronicity.” (All three of these will be demonstrated below)

We want to “receive signs from our loved ones and Spirit Guides” and attempt to learn the “how-to” of receiving signs (through meditation, books, videos, journaling etc) but getting out of your own head and learning to observe your daily reality, what really works, is often overlooked in the here and now.

Using Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities

Your signs, symbols and synchronicities will be different from the next person because YOU are an individual and because you are receiving them from YOUR guides who are handing these personalized gifts to you. They are giving them to you according to YOUR needs in your life so that you will understand/recognize them and to help YOU with the circumstances and experiences in YOUR life.

It is your responsibility to recognize them and then to use them in your life. Otherwise, you might miss helpful knowledge and situations that you can use for your personal growth and healing.

My perfect example: Recently, I experienced a perfect example of how you can use signs, symbols and synchronicities in your life AND how you can overlook them in your present moment. (WARNING: I strongly suggest:Do not do this at home…but learn from it!)

As I prepare for my monthly Living Differently newsletter, I preplan the preparation of the topic prior to writing and publishing it. So, I was seeking a topic, wondering what I would discuss in relation to Spring for April.

Interestingly, I did not see the many signs the Guides offered (at least 7!) attempting to help me with my dilemma. They were giving me ideas, helpful hints and clues about what I could write about as this is their way of providing me with their ongoing assistance.

The problem was: I was looking in other directions! I was mainly focusing in the physical: thinking instead of feeling in my world. I was not putting the signs, symbols and synchronicities together!

In the span of perhaps 3-4 days, I received the following signs, symbols and synchronicities that would lead me toward the answer to my newsletter dilemma:

·     One morning I came into the kitchen to read the newspaper and it was opened to a large advertisement about comfortable walking shoes which at the time, did not “grab” my attention. (sign and symbol)
·       I just started an exercise program focusing on flexibility and the trainer discussed the importance of exercising your feet and this program interested me. The program clicked with me but I still didn’t get the message! (sign and symbol)
·     I stopped in a store (I avoid shoe departments due to my known inability to resist temptation!) As I walked though the store I found a pair of flip flops – misplaced on a different department rack- by them self – in my size – perfect fit and they were comfortable!   (yes, I bought them) (sign and symbol)
·       I had a dream in which I walked to a conference. (the rest was inconsequential but in the dream I was very much aware of the walking activity) (synchronicity)
·       Bare feet – – I saw two magazine articles (ones I usually do not read – both advertising for separate businesses that were not feet related) but touted foot care and preparing one’s feet for summer (sign and symbol)
·     A couple weeks ago I received an invitation for an essential oils foot massage from the make-up artist who prepared my make-up for my website video. She suggested it in response to a reading I gave her; it was not an appointment I planned. ( does this look like a synchronicity to you?)

Message: At first I dismissed the signs and the symbols my Guides were presenting to me attempting to help me but when I started noticing the messages from my Guides I realized I needed to: 1. move out of my head and into my heart (observe reality by experiencing)  2. be aware of what my Higher Self is telling me, i.e.;  trust my intuition 3. Notice the signs, symbols and synchronicities in my life.

Do you see how hard my Guides were working to encourage me to notice that they were helping me with the topic for the April newsletter? When I noticed the signs, symbols and synchronicities of the newsletter message, they directly communicated their monthly lesson titled: Walking In and Through Grief and they wanted me to know ahead of time.

Do your Guides, angels and loved ones have to work this hard? I hope not!

Often, we do not understand what the signs, symbols and synchronicities mean but we first have to open our awareness to them.

Metaphor to Remember

We know that our loved ones, our Guides and angels and other helpers can be with us whenever we need them. (sometimes our loved ones have other responsibilities so we cannot assume that they are with us 24/7 but they do know when we need/want them regardless!) But your Guides and your committees ARE there for you and HAVE made agreements to help you in the ways that you planned your life. Your part of the agreement is to be aware and notice when they are helping you.

I like to imagine that our relationship (with the non-physical) is like that of a child playing in their tree house. You know, there is a bucket on a pulley and when the child needs something, the parent or someone on the ground places “the needed item” in the bucket to hoist it up to them. Likewise, your Guides, angels, loved ones are trying to reach you by placing the message, the symbol, the sign, the synchronicity in the bucket, to pull it up to you in your tree house and the hope is that you look in the bucket and retrieve your assistance.

If you do not look in your bucket and accept the assistance, you’ll be stuck in your tree house with unmet needs! This equates to being stuck in your life.

What’s In It For Me?

How much easier life could be if you were aware of the signs, symbols, and synchronicities  from your helpers who are always available to you for guidance and assistance.

Exposing yourself to the possibilities unlocks your ability to a rich life of learning more about the mystery of life. It opens you to the invisible, the spiritual realm where you can gain meaning, awaken your soul, learn life lessons and heal your heart.

Are you open to the signs, symbols and synchronicities in your life?  I hope so….

About the Author: Chris Mulligan’s son’s death challenged her 25 years experience as an adoption social worker, her MS in Clinical Child, Youth and Family Work and her beliefs and values. Their continuing relationship and ongoing communication changed her and introduced her to a new life of gifts, gratitude and growth. Her book, Afterlife Agreements: A Gift From Beyond details these changes and the development of this new relationship. Since Zac’s October 2000 death, she has documented over 11 years of communication with him and other spirits on the other side. Her website is: http://www.Afterlifebooks.com and http://www.afterlifebooks.blogspot.com and her monthly newsletter is “Living Differently.”

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