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Your Astro Guide To Acing Thanksgiving Week In 2021

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by Conscious Reminder

Americans are getting ready for Thanksgiving and several interesting astrological energies are going around.

Mercury will swing into Sagittarius on the 24th of November and has made it impossible for you to suppress your truth.

Mercury has slipped into the chamber of secrets offered by Scorpio on the 5th of November with strained expressions on everyone’s faces. You need to be ready to release all that internal tension. There is a piece of great news for people including you. This Wednesday will pull up old discussions and bring about interesting debates.

Know What People Around You Are Thinking And Have Great Debates

You will be able to know where everyone stands and share your own perspective, too, at last. This is also a great time to remind yourself of tactics like good timing and diplomacy with your family.

It might be a huge relief to call things as you see it but you should not forget about these tactics. It is natural to have disagreements but you need to share your views with honor rather than with humiliation.

You should think about working out certain conflicts with a proper face-to-face conversation rather than fighting over a Twitter thread or around your dinner table.

You can also have a Thanksgiving think tank if everyone around you is up for a proactive and philosophical interaction. You can also set some rules where only one person talks at a time and does not indulge in personal attacks.

Always remember the finest offering when you are defending yourself, which is the Mercury-in-Sagittarius. The Gift of Humor.

Seize The Opportunity Under The Quarter Moon In Virgo

If you have to do some end-of-the-year sorting then seize the free time on a Saturday when the waxing quarter of the Moon in Virgo will do the work for you.

The energy offered by Virgo will incite perfectionism into you and can even turn a small irregularity into a big mess. You should avoid biting off more than what you chew. You should take some time to prioritize your task so that you do not get overwhelmed.

Plan out the cleanup schedules which can make the greatest impact. If you are planning about hosting guests for the upcoming holidays then you should go for the spare bedroom first and then clean up the “entertainment” areas. You can finally save the littered basement for the month of January.

The quarter moon offers a balance between the Taurus lunar eclipse and the Sagittarius solar eclipse, which falls on the 19th of November and on the 4th of December respectively.

It was just last week when you realized that you needed to simplify your strategy and pin a smarter plan, but do not get rid of too much creativity.

Virgo might be a well-defined symbol but it is nothing to get bored of. This quarter moon will reenergize your inner custodian and help you to research the special elements that can elevate your game for the Sagittarius New Moon.

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