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Are You Among The 5% Of This Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

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by Conscious Reminder

Have you heard of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) test?

If not, then the test is among the most common indicators that are used to assign personality types. It can also be easily taken. The test has 16 separate “types” personalities that someone can have.

About 5 to 6% of the world’s population have the ISFJ personality. Here is everything that there is to know regarding this type of personality.

The Personality Type Called ISFJ

The full form of ISFJ is Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. As such, people with this personality are usually reserved and introverted. However, they are also skilled in social interactions, warm, and understanding of the people around them. They can also be efficient, detailed, and analytical.

Not only are ISFJs exceedingly rare, but females also have double the chances of having this trait than males. Furthermore, at times, they can have conflicting preferences, such as liking people but being introverted as well. Similarly, they can be creative while being concrete and technical.

The Key Traits Of An ISFJ

1. Dependable

ISFJ people are usually extremely dependable. They pay extra attention to the details and usually notice what is valuable and needed. They are also talented at arranging careful support, based on their context and role. This means, that if need be, they know when helping can be harmful.

2. Hardworking

They also usually work hard and diligently, tying in with their dependable trait. They like volunteering (if the situation is appropriate) and like being practical.

3. Compassionate

Their compassionate nature only enhances their dependable and hardworking traits. ISFJs have a tendency to be very agreeable to be around. They make for great listeners and remember the tiniest of details. They are usually always willing to support and help others.

4. Sensitive

Additionally, even the smallest of things will be sensed by ISFJs. Their exterior image may be orderly but their insides are a diverse, and rich tapestry woven by numerous experiences. They are especially sensitive to differences and often struggle with change. As such, they have difficulty sharing their feelings and dealing with the high expectations they put upon themselves.

5. Technical

Sometimes, ISFJs show surprising fluency in technical knowledge. Even if their decisions are based on their personal and social values, they can acquire a lot of technical skills over time. They also embrace their traditions while looking at protecting the future, and like feeling accomplished.

Common Strengths And Weaknesses

The most common strengths of ISFJs are that they are knowledgeable, make for good listeners, are supportive, patient, sensitive, and finally tend to be detailed and organized.

On the other hand, they usually tend to avoid conflict or carry bad news. Additionally, they find it difficult to prepare for or anticipate the future. Their communication style is also passive and they find it difficult when it comes to handling stress. Finally, criticism has a profound effect on them because of their high sensitivity.

ISFJs In Workplaces And Relationships

As far as jobs go, ISFJs prepare jobs that let them care for and help others. They also find it ideal when their workplaces do not have much conflict. They can do well at jobs like dancing, music, social workers, psychologists, nurses, or teachers.

In relationships, ISFJs can take a while to open up. However, once they get into an established relationship, few are more loyal than them. Commitment is the most important factor for both them and their partner because the partner should recognize how much an ISFJ does for them.

How To Prosper If You Are An ISFJ

ISFJs should be proud and be confident about their talents and accomplishments. They should also know to be wary of when to commit and when to disagree. Being able to set reasonable boundaries will be the primary key to thriving if you are an ISFJ.

ISFJs may appear unassuming but you will be amazed at who they are and what they can do. Anyone who has an ISFJ in their social circles should consider themselves very lucky.

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