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Is There Such A Thing As Pure Evil?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Voldemort, that guy who killed poor Bambi’s mom, aren’t all these characters our childhood personification of evil and everything bad in the world?

And clearly there are closer to life examples, Hitler, Stalin to name just a few. So how can we even question whether pure evil exists or not.

Not only does it exist but we also have actual names and faces to put next to its description. And talking about description, how do you define the term evil? Evil is someone who is bad, who is cruel, who has no moral or ethical code which he/she follows.

They are so depraved and so cruel that they consciously destroy the happiness of others. Pure Evil is someone or something which doesn’t even have a single speck of goodness in them.

Whereas goodness or good people are those who follow a certain moral code and are righteous in the eyes of the society which they inhabit. So in the world that we live in, characters like the Joker, Darth Vader, Maleficent, Voldemort are all pure evil because they don’t follow the moral code of our society.

But what happens when they, say create a planet of their own, and between them they can do it easily enough? And in this planet the rules are governed by them alone. Now if someone from our part of the world decides to go pay them a visit, they would be an anomaly on that planet which follows an entirely different set of rules.

Someone who is a model citizen of our community would be a complete anarchist in theirs. So does that make this individual evil? Well for them, it surely does. He is not ready to follow their system and so he is bad, he is evil. But back in this society he is still good; in fact he is the sole representative of goodness in an evil land.

Does this possibly mean that goodness, and evil are not inherent qualities, but are rather subjective? If you look deeply into the matter, it will be known to you that in nature nothing exists as good or bad. In nature there is only harmony or disruption.

It is all about balance and imbalance. The things or people who create imbalance in our lives we term them as evil. No one is inherently good or evil. It is just that all of us are pursuing our own happiness in a different way than the other.

And the biggest mistake we all make is that we attach our happiness to material objects. We mistake pleasure for happiness. Pleasure has nothing to do with happiness. It leads to greed and when for someone the pleasure is domination over others, it leads to what we call evil. But this domination over the world is not needed by them to be happy.

People chase happiness as if it is a destination that can be approached. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Happiness is how we choose to live our life; it is how we journey through our experiences.

Our enemy is not the people we think of as evil, it is what’s inside our mind that makes us look at people like that. Because even the most evil people (by our standards) are driven by what they believe to be good. And there can be no evil where there is good.

Instead of acting out of fear of the things that we don’t understand, we should learn to live by love and lead by love.

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