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10 Warnings The Guardian Angels Use To Keep You Safe

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Guardian angels are always there for you. They would help you out in most situations where all doors seem to close and would walk by you as you try to cross the path to spiritual enlightenment.

But the way they voice their warnings is also pretty special- they don’t say it out loud. They would use any and everything at their disposal to sound solid warnings to you that will help prevent damages of a catastrophic level.

Here’s how the angels usually sound their warnings.

Unexpected Machine Malfunction

You might be on your way to work when your car breaks down. Initially, you would be furious at the bout of apparent bad luck at your disposal, but soon you would realize that it was meant to be. Maybe a contractual problem at the office or a complete breakdown of hierarchy?

Misplacing Things

Sometimes you wouldn’t be seeing the greater good as you find things getting misplaced. But when you realize that the slight delay in plans is what prevented things from turning horrifying, you would be thankful.


In some cases, you would find someone literally being the spokesperson for the angels. In this situation, they would be the ones sounding warnings to you. And while it may look stupid, you might as well heed to them.


Always a great way for angels to be sounding their warnings. While intuition does seem like something that comes from within and is all ‘you’, it might not be so. An angel could be the one voicing their warnings through your intuition. It all depends on the strength of the spiritual connection that you share.

Dream Scape

Dreams are usually the main conduit of angels to sound their warnings. So if you see something in your dreams that doesn’t look like everything else, or is pretty uncommon, you should realize that this is the angel’s way of telling you that things might be wrong.

Random Disembodied Voices

Unless you faint from a random voice echoing in your surrounding, stand your ground and listen to it. It could be warding you of several things and warning you of several more.


While getting sick isn’t all about angelic warnings, some of them might be. You never know when a day off at home can lead to more productivity than you could have ever fathomed.

Unexpected Delays

While a delay might lead to anger and frustrations when you realize that the train you were supposed to catch met with an accident, you will feel your angel’s presence.

Feeling Of Being Touched

Your angels are here to comfort you as well as to warn you that something sinister might be after you. Their physical touch is how they let you know they are watching over you but you should also be protecting yourself.

Warnings From Friends

Angels would send your friends your way when they know you might dismiss all the signs they send you. Your friend’s intervention is a loving gesture from them and the angels above.

So, have the angels sounded their warnings?

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