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3 Essential Crystals For Healthy And Balanced Sacral Chakra

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by Conscious Reminder

Chakras are estimated to be the energy centers of your body. Each has its own purpose and plays an important function in your well-being.

The main purpose of the Sacral Chakra is to enable you to express your emotions and use your creative talents to create magnificent pieces of art.

The element of Sacral Chakra is water, which will guide you to go with the flow and not fight against the current. With proper balance, you will find enthusiasm, have ambition, and be motivated to get things done on time. You can work on certain crystals to balance your Chakra.

The Three Crystals For Working With The Sacral Chakra

Since orange is associated with this chakra, all the crystals that we chose are of this color.

1: Orange Calcite

This crystal will teach you how to live your life to the fullest. It will remind you that there is no harm to loosen up and enjoy yourself.

If your Chakra lacks balance, you can feel emotions of self-doubt. You will feel difficulty in expressing yourself.

When you work with this crystal, you will be energized and cleansed, as the Orange Calcite can release creative blocks and align you with your flow of creativity. It will also remind you to have a playful attitude towards life rather than being too serious or too focused on the goals.

2: Amber

When you work with Amber, it will help you heal your wounds, nourish your unlovable parts, and release shame. The crystal will remind you that even though you have suffered in the past, you can still allow yourself to feel joyous.

Amber is not a crystal, naturally, and is obtained from ancient trees that grew on our planet, thousands of years ago.

It had stored an enormous amount of energy and wisdom, which is now being passed on to you, to guide you on your path towards healing.

Your Chakra can get blocked when you hold on to certain results in your life and always try to be in control of a situation. A Chakra that is healthy, will permit you to take a leap of faith and dive into unknown depths.

When you choose to work with Amber, you will find joy and relief as soon as you surrender control and go with the current. You need to adapt to the changing currents of life as that is where the true power lies.

3: Carnelian

This crystal works like a magnet to draw in new opportunities, positive people, success, and abundance on every level. It offers prosperity, life’s energy, and vitality, too.

You might become lethargic and withdrawn when your Sacral Chakra gets blocked. Self-doubt builds up in your mind and you dwell on the negative thought if you can achieve your goals and dreams, ever.

Carnelian will help you attain balance by offering a surge of motivation and energy that can push you out from stagnation. It will help you fulfill your deepest desires and attract abundance in your life.

Once you attain a balance, your creative ideas will flourish and you will begin to thrive.

You can also keep this chakra healthy by getting intimate with your partner and not holding back your sexual expressions.

A Small Practice To Balance The Sacral Chakra

Hold a crystal in your hand and sit quietly in a secluded space. Breathe in and out, 7 times, while keeping the focus on your breath.

Close your eyes and imagine an orange light, that is radiating from the crystal. The light is consistently entering into the area under your navel, where the Chakra is located.

 Open your eyes and slowly bring your awareness back to the outer world.

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