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Tonight’s New Moon Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius Is The Reset Button We All Need

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by Conscious Reminder

We will be graduating during this 2021 December New Moon in Sagittarius, and it will happen over several months.

We have been grappling with the impact of beliefs and thoughts on the physical world for over 2 years because of Gemini-Sagittarius eclipses. The 2021 New Moon in Sagittarius will conclude that cycle via a complete solar eclipse. As such, our philosophical and mental operating systems are approaching a reset and update point.

The relaunch will be a great time to think about how we arrived at it. Much of our past beliefs have taken some serious pounding during the previous few years.

Think about all the change that has caused in you and the people around you. How has your thinking and relation with social media and news been affected?

A Lot Of Change Has Happened – It’s Time To Reflect On Them

We probably do not talk with the people we used to talk with some years back. We have probably stopped paying attention to some things and talking about some other topics. We have probably become more selective when it comes to sharing our opinions and thoughts.

The approaching solar eclipse will be a powerful starting point for our upgraded positions. Our emotions are going to be very likely to agree with our new direction of thought. Additionally, and surprisingly, a lot of baggage will not be taken on our new voyage. An eclipse means something will leave.

Some of these endings might be caused by differing belief systems. You might find out that you are entirely unsynchronised with people whom you previously did not suspect at all. Politics might be the most common dividing line. But there can be others as well like a moral compass, codes of ethics and conduct, and how they define integrity.

The element of surprise is also because of Uranus, the cosmic artist of quick-change. His aspect to the 2021 New Moon (an inconjunct) in Sagittarius will require us to adjust between physical experience and beliefs.

Sagittarius, meanwhile, is filled with optimism, soaring adventure, and searching for a silver lining. The present stomping ground of Uranus, Taurus, has everything to do with the more earthly matters – especially our finances and other material resources.

Uranus’ inconjunct can make us mindful of the consequence of particular beliefs. Or, they can cause us to suddenly shift because of our earthly experiences. Our experiences can change our way of looking at the world forever.

There Will Be A Hint Of Stability As Well

However, there is a stabilizing potential as well. Saturn and the approaching lunation form a sextile. So we will get chances to be more responsible, especially when it comes to our community. We might also be able to access networks and systems that can help us be stable as we blast off into a new direction.

The 2 aspects – the sextile and the inconjunct – are ramping us towards the 3rd square in Saturn and Uranus that will happen on 24th December. This square is known to infuse existing structures with electric and unpredictable energy throughout the year. Our updated mindset will probably be very significant in how we deal with these two titanic systems rattling against each other.

The eclipse may have quite a few outer forces working, but that does not mean there is no potential to be embraced. Spend a bit of time thinking about the loops in your mind and the statements you readily fall back on in reality.

What has become outdated? What is too vague? Which needs to be left behind? Jot them down and dispose of them. Finally, the impact of this New Moon might be most visible when it comes to national news. You can expect issues of national identity, children, and economy all cropping up.

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